Please note that this site will soon be closing due to the actions of some troubled spirits. The information links will remain until the end of the hosting lease but there is no intention to renew the registration license.

And to those spirits that have brought disrepute to themselves and their families - SHAME ON YOU. Instead of representing your ancestors with honor you drive them and your selves into darkness by becoming pariahs of the spirit world. Shame on your petty short sightedness and cowardice to face the responsibility of not only your own lives, but the light of the truth on which those lives are founded.

Instead you roam the streets like wolves and rats discrediting your fathers, your mothers and the great spirit tree on which you are all held. May you one day stand with respect, love, pride and humility in the shadow of the mountain that tries to guide and protect you, as it continually works to give your ancestors a place to rest between incarnations.

You cannot hide your true nature in the spirit world as you hide a gun beneath your clothes. You are recognised by all that come across you. You are seen. You are known