A Zeropoint of View


The pathway out of The Creator into creation is described by the very beginning out of creation.

The "feathering" of a propeller or an oar allows it neutralness to pushing/pulling of air or fluid.

The transiting of dimensions requires neutralness of a kind not considered by theorists when attempting, after the manner of Einstein, to visualize what happens when one penetrates a celestial black hole and proceeds beyond the Event Horizon [point of limited ability to return, a relative "point of no return."] It is not a problem of imagination that is soluble without the use of an UNDERSTOOD singularity to make such a journey, imaginative or actual.

The journey taken by the sailors of the Eldridge involved their passage, AS INDIVIDUAL SINGULARITIES, through the mind of God. The point of functional consternation occurred, the accident occurred, where the individuals had "descended" away from godhead to the point where Adam was rendered as Adam and Eve is the "point" of the accident. This is the primal seen in COSMIC terms. The process of such "ascending" and "descending" is itself the SCALAR FUNCTION. The accident itself is lust for one or another of the coupled pair.
This functioning occurs WITHIN the individual body. The process is the threading of the chakras seven, the mind that is the second locale, and the body that is the first locale.
By using the personal experience, one can realize and sort the nature and the quality and the function in detail of the super string in terms of subjective experience. Emotions are the road posts; the chakras have their own emotional signatures. The operations of each chakra are enumerated and given in their Platonic forms.
The processes through the chakras and their groupings are themselves the neutrinos. The processes out of mind and into the body are threading of the neutrino. In time travel, one PHASE SHIFTS. Such shifting is the process of sliding up or down the superstring, or traveling a node in the super string. However, the metamorphosing of the emotions is quintessentially engrossing, defying consciousness of the process if one declines a particular emotion into what are called its vices. For example, The perfection of the emotion of the fourth chakra is declined as the duality of envy/jealousy (envy of another's possessions/jealousy of another's personhood;) also phlegmatic/frenetic.
It is only possible for this approach in "instructing" to succeed if the ZEROPOINTER has an ability to analyze the self. The chakric array is an absolute framework for such analysis; it is perfect, it is true. This is why persons expert in stating such METAPHYSICAL knowledge or wisdom, people such as Al Bielek, are "kidnapped" unwillingly in Bielek's case, enlisted in devining the story reality tells while being the manifest cosmos, the created. Without having the answer FIRST, one cannot conclude realization of the answer. This happens to be the dilemma of the two trees in the Garden of Eden! The useless tree is that one that permits one to "understand" by being a functioning of the answer. The cherished tree is that which permits purely objective command of the potentials of realization and knowledge.
When one is not clear, rationalization displaces realization. Without a CLEAR mind, one uses associations or a symbol for emotions. Such associations/patterns and symbols are encrustations of the particular emotions or of their various groupings; these are not the emotions themselves. Such is the crud of "the world."
To be able to understand the processes BETWEEN mind and body, between the device and the energy input and the multiplied energy output, one must be able to see the entire structure of the dimensional shifts involved. As a living thing, one IS this process. "Know thyself." -Jesus the Christ of God.

The pathway from "inside" godhead into the awareness of the [living] Human Being is the sum of the neutrinos, which are not six plus two vortical conformities depicted by the Cartesian grid, but the sum of such in the dodecahedron. The various neutrinos are amalgamated in their zero point where they all connect or source as the boson. The neutrinos are also amalgamated as the continuum which is the torus. The structures referred to in the space [torus] which is the universe, the ninth dimension, the galactic, the solar, the planetary: are the unfolding of the continuum as the potential for expression via the "nested" celestial spaces of these three orders of magnitude continually generated from the continuous pulsing of the cosmos into the universe out of the tenth dimension continually generated via the macro bosonic eleventh dimension out of godhead, the source and ultimate resolution of the pulse illustrated by fldgspac.gif.
These ten plus two are the composition of the token reiteration of the cosmic creation in man as man by the drama which is: God, Abraham, Isaac, Jacob/Israel, who yields twelve tribes which are a unity, a singularity. Judah and Levi are the two polar of the dodecahedral singularity. The torus itself, in purest Platonic form is the self-manifesting Elohim, or the Christos, the pathway out of, about, and returning, each and simultaneously, godhead. There is nothing like the "reversed speech" in this process. There is no error nor is there attenuation. Any error [sin] requires a reversal. Any "turning left or right" is necessarily done so as to perfectly resolve in either of the pairings of the chakras of the individual. Folkways and symbols and rationalizations can be pitfalls. The completion of each chakric step and [are] the completion of each subspatial curvature of a celestial sphere or singularity [order of magnitude or dimension] in that necklace with is the super string, has a relative zero point in itself, the zeroing is accomplished with warping or ascending or is expotentiated with the wrapping descending/generating.
The neutrinos thread the cosmos and each of its fractal iterations. The essence of godhead is NOT spent in the detail of the cosmos. That which is omnipresent is the Christos itself, ever neutral.
One has to be able to be one's stripped down Platonic self when contemplating the Grand Union that is creator and created. and the processes. Being so, one can see how to coincide the pathways with one's being; and one can see how to contrive to ride along the pathways objectively. One can also see how to generate pathways or to bring them to bear, which is what teleporters and time-machines do; they effect phase shifts.
The id, ego, super ego are three phase states. These are material phases. The counterpart to these psychologically considered and named phases are the chikhai, chonyid and sidhpa bardoes, the three ethereal phases which are 'energetic", not matter in any degree of solidity as are air, physical interaction, water, "hardness."
The primal scene is between the id and the ego, where the ego would gain the id as the body. This is where the "fallen angels" seek to consolidate themselves with their subversions of living things to gain the process of their generation as corporate solid entities, individuals, groups or populations, and collective unities, species: Human Being, man.
All valid reports are those which indicate this fierce and all consuming effort on the part of those involved in the manipulation of Human Being in terms of genetics.
The creatures involved are not trying to create man, they are attempting to "ride" the process of becoming Human Being. The creatures doing this are noumenal creatures, subspace creatures or functions. These I call the "process of creation," in the hundreds of posts/essays constructing the basis for the ZEROPOINTER to follow this synopsis of what is to come with the "1000 series" of this course resolving itself in completion.
Neutrinoness but no neutrinos exist in godhead.
The car cannot be its own passenger.
The metagenetic/metaphasic/metaphysical nature of man is such that Human Being can [could have remained able to] collectively will WHATEVER we would. This prerogative is subverted with our errors and violences to be the TRIUMPH OF THE WILL to convey the process of creation into the state of being the created. This process would be by the agency of Lucifer the endowment of itself with corporeality, Human Being. This would be the use of the god function intrinsic to man to render that which is ever on the wrapping side of a boson, [on the other side of wherever something disappears into when it goes through a completely "silent" black hole] and undergoing the process to "reconstitute" itself. This is the time machine trying to become the time traveler.

The nature of love is that it is either or both the conveyance and the conveyed. This is egolessness. The totally anonymous gift is more beautiful than the gift made with lights and trumpets.
Without ego, without personal self or desire, the passage into the id or the body is grace itself.

When an object coincides with its nature, it is aphasic; it is not beholden to time nor to space nor to presence or absence. This is detachment that is disallowed with some digression into the dichotomies of the phases/chakras that effects an attenuation or a riveting in time and space... a situation or a circumstance. This describes the essence of super conductivity. No friction, no clinging, no thermal factors engaged, not entropy, no pain, no loss, no inertia.

The singularity is a torus [fifth force] "around" a window that has "parts" which are the three of the FIVE forces curving/condensing the hyperspatial premise for that fifth force into the actual window/gate/neutral zone/boson permitting the first of the basic forces of nature which is the weak force entering the torus that has the inclusion of the other four forces as a tiny component to itself.
Singularity refers to the entire "system" which is a segment of the superstring. The hyperspatial zone between the ordered torii is the quantum singularity. The analysis of that node, referred to by itself as the singularity very often and called the quantum singularity, the quantum substructure of space, the hyperspatial region, need not be confusing. These hyperspatially concentric zones ["it is like an onion, God's mighty mountain" - Tibetans] are the curves/frequency ranges] on top of a carrier wave that conduce to a zero point; they are the premises for the phases of matter of the daughter torus; they are the second locale. For the cosmos itself, these are the tenth, ninth, eighth dimensions, with the boson being the 11th dimension on the "other side" of which is God Almighty. The torus to this cosmic singularity is life in all its "stages" and variations as individuals and populations of populations [species] of individuals.

The neutrino on its macro proportions threads from just "outside" the boson, 11th dimension, through to the dust of the planet with a biosphere where it utters life, in the way "hard" scientist correctly appreciates life to occur in terms of evolution. However, the original force and power of presence are UNDIMINISHED. The complete attenuation of the force, the isolation of all potential into the living thing, such as Neanderthal [or some other creature on some other planet with different size, with a sun of a different size and perhaps not having a Jupiter; or having other solar relationships or interstellar relationships than does our own sun; or having had more or fewer super novas than our own Sol and so having greater or lesser amounts of heavy and very heavy elements; or being in interaction at the galactic level with another galaxy] is an attenuation that leaves the delicate essence of neutrality flickering in the midst of the pit of the belly the Human Being as one's personal Christos, the action of which is in one manner experienced as personal sexuality and which is the awkwardly considered libido. But the Christos is objectively distinct from examples of itself, which It may confront, even walking through the Garden of Eden, the Christ, the particular Elohim who created some "top species", several it appears, into that top species which is ourselves [our self], distinct from the beast who crept up through time from the dust of the earth.
The marriage of the love of the Elohim with the love of God Almighty is the mirror itself and is Human Being. This is the input and the output greeting to form a standing wave. This is the target of Lucifer. In a device this is the tuning of the intended function of the device. In the case of a saucer using a histeresis drive, this is the engagement of that level of its micro, meso, aggregate anatomy to generate hovering magnetically or rapid gravitic function or the engagement of the strong force, the force described in high energy physics as holding protons and neutrons to each other, an extremely powerful force, the force that is associated with the ability of light to shine away from the condition of the big bang or out of a black hole. The black hole is a misunderstood "singularity" because it is not generally known what the nature of its regions and state are.

One has to be information as well as be a means of conveyance of information whether a device or a person. The saucer is information transiting a hyperspatial environment. The drive of the saucer generates information which states the saucer in terms of the universality of its environment. The body of God, the cosmos, always responds truthfully to the saucer. Saucers that are not of good character don't work or have certain kinds of accident not wholesome to occupants. Saucers of the highest design have cybernetic minds AND FEELINGS of their own, which are pleasant to occupants, who feel at one with the ship, a plasma craft.

When the information is the electron, the response is the electron, a permanent battery.

The history of Human Being on this planet since the opening of the parentheses on Cro Magnon on this planet by our, most of us, creation ON THIS PLANET, would be completely closed down to the level of the individual. The standing wave cannot be for all humans. It cannot be for all nations. It is not likely, as we can see, but it is possible that the parentheses can be shut with the action of the United States. It is quite possible for any one of us to be wholesome not edited into a statement declaring Lucifer to be God. One must be clear.
The ability to transduce oneself through the mirror between oneself and imaged God Almighty is subverted by one's context, one's references. Each person who Is undergoing resolution in godhead who has tied a not in the information he/she is will say, "but that was the law, that was culture, etc., `I was only following orders.' " The script of the Luciferian is a script which rationalizes everything worldly, and CONCRETIZES such. This "concretization" is premised on murder, sacrifice of other human beings. Orgiastic Easters and infanticidal Christmases are the stuff of this lie. We are deep in our own collective cultural sin, just as are murderous police officers and crooked judges and adults mentally cruel to tiny children.
Understanding how to utter oneself love to God, to "give all," is to understand how to be without any "ands" or "buts." No reverse speech, no rationalization, no rage, no lust, no negligence. Therefore, no turning to dust, no collapse of the device into ORMES, no disruption of the integrity of a time traveler by a faulty machine. No death, fear, pain.

The ability to understand how something can levitate without pushing/pulling requires one to understand without premises. The course has sought to arm one with the means of thinking accurate and potent thoughts about the nature of reality and the cosmos.

The course cannot add anything to one's thinking that brought one to have the commitment to read and to consider the stuff of this group. The course would permit one to transcend one's own thinking. The operative paradigm does not permit comprehension of the scalar. Religions are readily recognized as opposed to the operative paradigm because they make [often disjuncted] systems of strings of unusual or hard to perceive phenomena. One has to use the vocabulary of ideas presented to think out the functions described. One cannot pierce the awesomeness of scalar technologies while one's feet are planted in the operative paradigm. One cannot cling to the awe and try to devour and comprehend it. One has to be methodical and to struggle with acquiring fluency with the language and concepts. One has to work at it. This means doing thought problems in the organized manner delineated throughout the course, including experiments or attempts at engineering.
The scope of the applications of scalar technologies, the range of their application, requires that one apply this course to one's own personal enhancement as a flux capacitor, a living person, since we see CLEARLY that we are in deep with respect to the history we are being set up to act out in the near future. We are coming to another "relative zero point" as we approach the first curvature past which no light may escape. We are passing the time up to which we may continue to change circumstances and after which the die will be cast. This is what is stated in the Third Prophecy of Fatima. This is that condition or state of affairs or time of reckoning that caused the Tibetans to make an all-out effort to get their knowledge out into the world, to loose the seven seals that shut our consciousnesses as we percolate consciousness in our personal and collective chakric arrays, the depths of our minds, our feelings our manners of living. The Tibetans could see the Red Chinese coming decades before the fact of their rape of Tibet. The Red Chinese count on our western racism to allow them to consolidate other people of the same general facial features into themselves with geographic contiguity as the rationalization. Turkey and the Soviet Union, Communist Cuba and the USA, Gaza Strip and the pirate state Israel. Defensible borders. Spheres of influence. Balance of power. National interests. These are the vocabulary of enmity and strife used to premise and to justify murder. This is the vocabulary of the Collectivists who meddle and who are infected or possessed with only those sets of neutrinos that are ever wrapping and not able to warp nor able to "stand." Creation created, the process of creation is entropy, death itself.

The 1000 series will be about the zero, the neutrino, the causeways of the mind of God.

You must ask questions. This essay and most others are written with the statements or comments of ZEROPOINTERs in mind. I tend to keep one or several persons in mind and to address myself principally to those. If you more actively participate, you will find that statements will be more nearly tuned to your own points of curiosity from your own point of view.

The nature of this project is such that it is hard to focus on my part if I do not have any feedback or direction from the group, and perhaps others receiving these statements.

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