"Relativity: The Special and General Theory"

By Albert Einstein

251kb PDF File


"The World as I see it"

By Albert Einstein

388kb PDF File



By Aristotle

486kb PDF File


"The History of Philosophy"

By Aristotle

193kb RTF File


"Aristotles First Principles"

By Terence Irwin

4.5Mb PDF File


"On The Parts Of Animals"

By Aristotle

257kb PDF File


"Plato's Phaedo"

Translated by Benjamin Jowett

148kb PDF File


"Plato's Republic"

By Plato (360 B.C.E)

901kb PDF File


"Socrates, Xenophon and Plato"


128kb PDF File



Taken From Encarta

179kb DOC File


"Tomorrow, Tomorrow and Tomorrow"

By Aldous Huxley

Taken from


"The Doors of Perception"

By Aldous Huxley

258kb PDF File


Using LSD to Imprint the
Tibetan-Buddhist Experience

by Dr. Timothy Leary, Ph.D.



Sunyata - The Emptyness of All Things

By Sean Robsville

External Link


"The Psychedelic Experience"

By Dr Timothy Leary



"Start Your Own Religion"

By Dr TImothy Leary

221kb PDF File


"Lectures on Alchemy"

By Terence McKenna

193kb PDF File


"Food of the Gods"

By Terence McKenna

3.4mb PDF File


"A Philosophy on Life"

By Sigmund Freud

127kb PDF File


"The Healing Path" (Excerpt)

By Mark Ian Barasch

67kb PDF File


"The Safety of Peyote When Used Religiously"

By Matthew J. Baggot

37kb DOC File


"The Philosophies of Asia"

By Alan Watts

156kb PDF File


"Hallucinogens in Eastern Spirituality"

Author Unknown



"The Natural Highs FAQ"

By various authors



"The Eight Circuit Model of Consciousness"

Author unknown



"Organism and Psyche in a Participatory Universe"

By Mae-Wan Ho


"The Relativity of Body and Soul"

By Iona Miller



"The Cosmic and Terrestrial Nature of Consciousness"

By Prof Brown



"The Foundation of the Overunity Theory"

By Sylvester H Christie



"A Zero Point of View"

By Zeropoint



"It Becomes A Matter of the Self and Its' Others"

By Floyd Merrell



"An Introduction to Objectivism"

By Joel Katz



"The Law of Three"

author Unknown

112kb DOC File


"The Mysterious Powers of Body and Mind"

Michael Murphy

78kb PDF File


"Questioning The Delphi Oracle"

By John R. Hale, Jelle Zeilinga de Boer, Jeffrey P. Chanton and Henry A. Spiller



"States of Consciousness"

By Charles T Tart

1760kb DOC File


"Zen Stories to Tell Your Friends"

Various authors



William James: Overview

Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

External Link

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"Transcendent Speculation on the Apparent Deliberateness in the Fate of the Individual"

By Arthur Schopenhauer

3.9mb DOC File


"Parallel Universes"

By Max Tegmark

201kb DOC File



By Benjamin Rowe

121kb PDF File


"The Art of War"

By Sun Tzu

413kb PDF File


"Grimoire of Chaos Magick"

By Julian Wilde

69kb PDF File


"Jung's Philosophy of Memory"

By Susan Crawford

23kb DOC File


"Seven Sermons to the Dead"

By Carl Jung



"Visions of Jung"

By The Gold Scales

External Link


"Life After Death"

By Carl Jung

63kb PDF File


"Psychological Types"

By Carl Jung

147kb PDF File


"Organism and Psyche in a Participatory Universe"

By Mae-Wan Ho

59kb PDF File


"Jung's Understanding of the meaning of the Shadow"

By Laurens van der Post

59kb PDF File


"The Gateway Experience Guidance Manual"

By The Monroe Institute

178kb DOC File


"The Key To The Secret"

By James Fitzgerald

58kb PDF File


"Monsters and Magical Sticks"

By Steven Heller Ph.d & Terry Steele

1.4mb PDF File


"Hegel, Marx and the Enlightenment"

By Cyril Smith

External Link


"Theosophy and Zen"

Taken from The Theosophical Movement



"Meditation Gives Brain a Charge"

By Thoth @



"Mystical Physics"

By Victor J.Stenger

37kb PDF File


"Cosmic Mind"

By Victor J.Stenger

61kb PDF File


"Traditional Knowledge"

By Michael J Balick

115kb PDF File


"Cannabis for Migraine Treatment"

By Ethan Russo

55kb PDF File


"Mind Without Measure - Is there a Psychological" Revolution?"

Authors Unknown



"Salvia Divinorum"

By Robin Marushia

53kb PDF File


"Concerning Death"

By Aleister Crowley

55kb PDF File


"Genetic Memory"

The Quest Institute

14kb PDF File


The Ayurvedic Concept of Immunity

Taken from NIAM

32kb DOC File


"Archaeological Evidence For The Antiquity Of Psychoactive Plant Use In Central Andes"

By Constantino Manuel Torres

564kb PDF File


"Fundamentals of Buddhism"

By Dr Peter D Santina

278kb PDF File


"Philosophy of Mind"

By Georg Hegel

213kb PDF File


"Birth Trauma and Its Relation to Mental Illness, Suicide and Ecstasy"

by Stanislav Grof, M.D.

External Link


"Mysticism and Psychedelics"

By Christopher M. Bache, Ph.D.

External Link


"Matrix Philosophy"

By Various Authors

1.5mb PDF File


"A Theory of Human Motivation"

By A.H.Maslow

77kb PDF File


"Buddha, The Word"

By Various Authors

98kb PDF File


"The Problems with Philosophy"

By Bertrand Russell

229kb PDF File



By Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz



"Six Explanatory Propositions"

By Carlos Castaneda

53kb PDF File


"LSD, My Problem Child"

By Albert Hofmann

413kb PDF File


"Buddhism - Daily Readings from Buddha's Words of Wisdom"


1.8Mb PDF File


"The Use and Abuse of History for Life"

By Friedrich Nietzsche

295kb PDF File


"Buddhism - Living Meditation, Living Insight"

By Dr Thynn Thynn

271kb PDF File


"I Ching, The Book of Changes"

By Emperor Fu Hsi

116kb PDF File


"I Ching - A Forward"

By Carl Jung

124kb PDF File


"The Tao"

Interpreted By Stan Rosenthal

120kb PDF File


"The Sayings of Mo Ti"

Translated by W. P. Mei

1.7Mb PDF File


"Paradox at the Edge of Being"

By Peter Hodges

Ext Link


"Meditation Affects Brain"

Yale University

Ext Link


"The Astral World"

By Swami Panchadasi

98kb PDF File


"The Dimensions of Conscious Experience"

By Steven Lehar

120kb PDF File


"On Nature"

By Parmenides

External link


What is Enlightenment?

By Immanuel Kant

44kb PDF File


Epictetus - The Discourses

By Epictetus

534kb PDF File


Quotations of Epictetus

By Epictetus



"A Treatise On The Great Art"

By Antoine Pernety

1.8Mb PDF File


"The Writings of Nostrodamus"

By Nostrodamus (Interpreted)

198kb PDF File


"Your Assignment"

The Basic Scheme of Things.*




By Aldous Huxley

External Link


"A True and Faithful Relation..."

By John Dee

External PDF Link


"The Tao Teh Ching"

Translation by Gia Fu Feng & Jane English

978kb PDF File


"The Vedanta Sutras"

Translated by George Thibaut

External Link


"Indian Dieties"

By Crystal Links

External Link

"An Inquiry into the Human Mind on the Principles of Common Sense"

By Thomas Reid

External PDF Link

"The Corpus Hermeticum"

By Hermes Trismegistus

External Link

"A Treatise of Human Nature"

By David Hume

External PDF Link


"The Art of Seeing"

By Aldus Huxley

External PDF link

"10,000 Dreams Interpreted"

By Gustavus Hindman Miller

1.2Mb PDF File

"Occult Science Dictatorship"

By William Lyne

946kb PDF File

"Magic Mushrooms Around the World"

By Jochen Gartz

26.9Mb PDF File

The Gateway Experience


3087kb PDF



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