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"Maps, symbols, mandalas, petroglyphs and other symbolic works are used all over the world to express the link between the inner and the outer, between the self and the world, the individual and the environment. Such maps enrich us and bind us together. As we have seen, they are synchronicities, patterns of meaning and connection between the mental, spiritual and material worlds."

Taken from The Philosophers Stone - Chaos, Synchronicity and the hidden order of the world.'

By F.David Peat



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This site has been active since 1997 and was started in order to share an array of valuable (perceived valuable) image files I had begun to collect and create with some simple pc software. THIS was the first image I ever accidentally found myself drawing (without conscious intention) with Microsoft Paint and from this, I slowly found my world opening up in places I didn't know (or had forgotten) existed. Perhaps deservedly so at the time, the presentation (representation?) of the images became important in the scheme of things. I figured that doors were symbols for many things, and so my place on the net needed something to represent what was happening.

The first web site background and thus the 'front door' of the site was white, in direct opposition to the popular black background sites I had become accustomed to viewing on the web at the time.


NOT drawn by me - unknown artist The image of Jack B Nimble graced the front alone. Historically enough, this image later seemed to represent the possibilities of all my future designs and also foretold my love of meditation with a single candle and of course... jumping. The candle was in later life to become my number one essential item in different types of meditation and astral projection.


The next door was slightly more brazen, as I was growing in confidence and trying to represent the 'awesome' tools that I seemed to have uncovered. Conundrum Image The name Conundrum also came into view even though the site address was still cyjack.com. In the image, the brightness of thought, the metaphor of the moon, astral space in the midst of red biological cell life and the vertical presentation of the totem were the themes wishing to be expressed. I felt I had found a new language with which to communicate with, and it allowed access to some amazing possibilities. In many ways, I was uncertain of the full scope of these things and of the role I had to play in them, so all things appeared to be a conundrum to me. At this time I was regularly right-brain drawing in an effort to release some of the still unconscious energy that I was not able to focus into conscious light.


The next site design had my name all over it, though it was still labeled Conundrum. Even though I had unraveled myself somewhat further and concluded that 'all things were possible', I was still slightly cautious about making declarations of what exactly was going on. There was no one in the local space to discuss my situation with, although the normally silent 'Other' was by this time quite active and playing an open hand as my guide through the realms.

Conundrum Image 2 This was the real 'turning of the page' in terms of feeling comfortable with what I was doing and more confident that I was not going crazy, but just steering through socially unmentionable cultural taboos. Now armed with the similar experiences of Terence McKenna (TMK) and the powerful influences of the Overmind, it was full steam ahead for this ship in the ocean of chaos. Pictures like THIS, THIS and THIS were leading me deeper into the causal matrix and to my good fortune, I felt very much at home.


Excalibur Image Having then reached the hub of what I could only describe as the Holy Grail, I felt no need to post a separate front door for the next site transformation and instead went with a front index page of links with as little direct verbal explanation of anything as possible. I felt that my experiences and following conclusions were becoming more and more obvious and thus more and more separate from the normally constructed world of television and simian law, so I attempted to create as much ambiguity as possible to distract from my paddling through the turbulence of widely accepted social order.


Flower Image Some time later, believing that there was no point in trying to be honest if I could not also be creative and allow my written work to accompany the abstract art as they had always done in my local sphere, I soon adopted a more user friendly style of organisation incorporating visual and auditory jewels as well as the always present ambiguity. I also hoped to verbalise more of the ideas so as to complete a portion of this perceived 'human wave'.


Then for several years, this front_4 coloured banner I loved so much greeted new travelers at the entrance. This picture was such a wonder to me that I found it hard to let it go. But all great moments in ones life should be represented by change of some kind and so thus it was the day this image appeared. On that day, the image represented the idea of life being a point in the center of an array of movement - represented by colour. The adjacent particle represented by the red sphere (not shown in this image) was my consciousness supposedly coming closer to the center of being. Of course at all times I am reminded that it is also "a pretty picture".


Thus the site will inevitably change through the passage of moments and I am certain that the future will surprise me as much as it does anyone else. After all, there is much more to this moment than meets the eye. Isn't there?



Man is the place where God fell to earth

Some notes..revised 22 January 2009


Put simply, one of the main claims of this site and hence the information contained within and without it, was and is to express, to point out, to make reference to, the presence of a universal truth existing as the primordial fabric of all things. This means the sort of truth that can be a personal point of contact to something more real and of greater relevance than what was currently on offer in the market place of sentience, whilst at the same time going mostly unnoticed by the current human operating systems of reasonable accommodation and/or the mimicking of sensible conductivity. Not just some mystical thing, not just some abstract thing, not just some ineffable thing, but THE thing, that which is more than just a thing; something so immense that it crosses the borders of description and sensation, that which can be said to be both a thing and not a thing.

What this site really tries to be then, is a dendrite in space for the newly arrived. I grew up in a certain way and by the time the gregorian count was 13, I had developed a strong and sometimes overwhelming relationship with something I could only describe as 'time'; a space without sensation; a space between conscious moments of normal waking life, something 'other' so compelling that it seemed to be calling out for my attention.

Much of the graphical and literal content for this site is a direct result of having empty and open hands in accordance with an entropic theory concerning the relationship between an end and a beginning of time. In other words, one starts with everything one needs for ones goal, and as one experiences the passage of time towards an apparent change to the start, one slowly sheds those things which are no longer relevant, and through the shedding, something new arises or becomes conscious. It was this journey of reflection on the light and the shadow that allowed the initiation of a distinctly 'awakening adaptation' to reality which then enabled what was naturally being lost to be kept, and what was being taken in, to be organised. This then allowed the encompassing and integration of new and for all practical purposes, self evolving intentions, arts and mechanisms coherently operating in conjunction with an almost irrational (irrational to the west, rational to the east) open receptivity to the normally accepted ignorance of cosmic information (assumedly due to the inevitable complexity of being a part of an ever fractalising matrix).

Thus the only issue that ever seemed to arise from these publications was a concern of misunderstanding. Our complexity compels most of us to label ourselves simply rather than the alternative, to seek simplicity, rather than the alternative, and to deny the obvious, rather than the alternative.

I have broiled over this site many times, often concerned at the impact that my ego revelations might have on others, even though my strongest hope was that in at least some way, and if in nothing else, they could be entertaining. In this way I was free to write what ever came to mind and in such a way as to be able to filter the readership by an understanding of the ego nature (TAO). The next obvious choice was to be clear about the challenge that we all face and share, and that whilst we can all feel alone, the concept of feeling alone can be reclasified as a type of oxymoronism, since the ever obvious multiplicity of earthly existence is ever provable by even the simplest of cognitive arrays and so one can never truly be alone, only feel so in ignorance. It should also be noted that the term simple cognitive array may also be an oxymoronism, since nothing created by the divine can ever be simple.

Worthy of note is that on several separate occasions that spanned months apart, I edited this site after spotting outlandish spelling and grammatical errors and curiously found that the spirit that had created the original words, was no longer the one that was making changes. There is an idea tackled in the book "Naked Lunch" that expresses the question of whether or not this type of blind editing was a compromise to the integrity of the sites' creative content in some way. The issue was eventually resolved by the recognition of the evolving nature of a responsive experience and thus there was able to be created a conscious link between the momentary fluxes in perspective.

What this means then is that what is being attempted on this site is not a completely individual venture per se, in so much as it tries to express the essence of the united human experience through a celebration of the single instance. It may be only a remarkable coincidence that all things are for practical reasons, the one and the same and that any differences represent natural fluctuations of crystalising meta-programs we call our mind, meta-links that are electro-biologically created in order to direct the outcome of awareness towards what are deemed 'comfortable' and manageable trajectories.

To navigate the time we find ourselves in we naturally seek what we lack and what we lack is what ever arrives for inspection in the foyer of our conscious hallway from a number of different channels. In most waking moments then, we do not recognise the completeness of being as that which begins an eternity ago beyond the point of our own first conception and now resides in the vortex of moment and movements of matter so fine it is invisible to the naked mind. Thus we have become the great questions in the model of nature, and what we naturally seek is an answer. I put it across that the answer is already present somewhere and somehow and that it needs only to be accepted.

It is through objects like these that vectors to truth in the more common and ancient tongues are described here, somewhat submerged between the spaces in the dialogue so as to reach the distant and sometimes abandoned channels of universal cosmic awakening, or what I like to call, the divine spark. My own personal relationship with this space has yielded a myriad of experiences ranging from highs or what I thought were highs, and lows or what I thought were lows. All my life I have hectically attempted to note things down in some way for future consideration and reflection, hoping to one day catalogue enough points and intentional vertices so as to deduce the meaning of it all. This is after all, the human experience; this movement we call by a form.

These intentions have evolved many moments to pass into being that allowed for the recognition and acceptance of a terra firma on which all idiosyncrasies can meet and come together. Without this common ground we could not translate the deep inner time into symbolic and rhythmic channels. It is in and on this common ground that we find ourselves both with and without each other. Here perhaps lies a true conundrum of being that is often glossed over by starry eyed infants in search of form and essence that they cannot find within arms reach. They think grand ideas but do not ask where the idea comes from. They propose grand ideas, but do not say where the grand ideas came from.

Life then, appears to be the passage of consciousness through matter, context through content, or the reverse; the passage of matter through consciousness, content through context. Either way, the process takes a lifetime to occur; like a single note in a great song. It does not seem unreasonable to assume then, that the greatest mysteries of the cosmos are no further away than ones own finger tips and that the type of care and respect given to this experience that we call life is what enables higher and lower functions to come into highly organised states of existence. The ignorance of this unmistakable fact creates a confusion called the 'ego' and the remnants of its inevitable characteristics are found in the Tao, the relationship of absolutes.

Clear as mud? Mud is an interesting term after all. Loosely taken it can describe 99% of the cosmos, or 1% of it. And the place where this is all occurring? Time.

To be touched by things that have no weight is to sense the open spaces ahead. Movement into this space is the challenge, and heeding the form is the key.

For more direct light play try here

For the extrapolated expressions of the previous modality try here

For something more personal and quite impossible, try here



Note A Updated 09 August 2009

The original purpose of this site was to share information both in and of a realm that seemed at least to the writer to be universally accessible and limitless. The fact that personal indulgences and flaws would also be shared via the same transmissions was not initially a concern, following the Platonic ideal that "the truth" (what ever it might be) "was good and that the good was beautiful". How could one not then, wish to share such beauty and wonder as truth?

It was only much later after arriving at some rather startling conclusions about the complexity and nature of the human condition, that the stark idealistic expressions placarded across the internet here appeared in some ways to be sharpened way too jagged for the casual compass. From this, projections of eventual misunderstandings prompted at first the masking, and then a retracting of the written endeavor towards a more simplistic and retarded destination. 'Harm to the undiagnosed and confused' as it was felt, 'was to be avoided at all costs until such time as the tracks on which the trains of thought ran along, could be examined by the cosmic equivalent of an OH&S committee' (Karma). In other words, I came to doubt my purpose and so an internal audit of all viable information was executed in order to conclude the true status and weight of the situation.

Now though, even as the remaining shades of organised spirits repeat their final cautions about careful administration of such recognised fruits in public forums, it is gladly imparted that the original purpose of the principle individual and the web site born from its eventual expressions, had never died or withered, but had instead been placed in some almost strange and ritualistic review, for, and under its own authoritative systems, towards the resolution of the aforementioned concerns. It had long been held that the flows of divine creation were not always led towards straight avenues, but could instead be held aloft in cyclic whirlpools of activity for some time. It is from these ways that they are now remolded by a true sincerity towards the recovery of the initial goals previously reported.

As such energies are now returning to their previous modality, it inspires the writer to once again encourage the seeker to trust in the almost archaic idealistic adventure of beauty, truth and all the other essences of virtue that are more often than not, only ever found in the one place, perhaps only in the one time and occur almost like sparks in the night for the eventual benefit of all; even though they may initially only warm the fires of the one. It is towards this venture that this site will slowly be returned to its former ambiguous specifications in the hope that those that can see, will reflect that it can be known and in some or other rather riskee manner, be expressed, shared and understood.

Forward then, to some local attempts to capture eternity on at least one side of the coin, per chance of making the other side plain to see in the light of heaven. Good fortune to one and all.


Note B Added 04 January 2010/ Last edited Sep 2014

Alert dear people - alert! The illusion of being is to think that any one moment is just like another! Time creates a linear meaning and habit circles develop that create then moments that appear to be now moments. The thought that 'it's just another day' causes the mind to lose its sharp experience of the truth - the experience that is, of self in the moment.

If you are here it is because there remain certain questions living active lives in the back of your mind. Questions like WHAT AM I? Or WHY AM I? And then perhaps WHO AM I? And maybe HOW AM I? Or at least the old WHAT THE BLAZES IS GOING ON ANYWAYS? These are points taken on the way.

There are notable and definable boundaries between certain parts of the human psyche. Conscious awareness of the 'now' experience provides a certain attribute to existence, namely the infinitely addressable temporal causality loop of the now and the not now. The normal abstract method of time perception can fluctuate between awareness of single static ego-object interpretations of now moments, to an awareness of flow and of measuring a 'string' of a subjective experience, and even to the realisation that the now moment is a fluidic state of variable change encompassed within a sphere of awareness.

So one can exist as an experience of time, that has length in a linear way and so is expressible geometrically through objective symbolism. Its beginning can be thought of as a point emanating from a fixed position in three dimensional space and time, flowing outwards (upwards, inwards - its all relative movement in metaphysical space, but not so in physical space) and expanding spherically like a pulse from a center, creating a fourth dimensional arrow that appears to be all the previous dimensions rolled into one. The span of conscious awareness is then directly proportional to the diameter that encompasses the sphere of the emanating pulse. As a person's concentration deepens and lengthens, this diameter increases and may display both positive and negative linear aspects of conscious experience as a respective radius. As the diameter of the sphere of consciousness has a growing point of awareness in relative equal lengths from an abstract source (center), it is possible to perceive different realities from different perspectives (a beginning and end) as being the same subject that is viewable from different points, namely a future and a past. Experience of the true self (towards divinity) seems dependent on the length of conscious effort towards experiencing this aspect of being. In my experience, when short efforts are made without satisfactory success, the interpretation of such uncommon complexity eventually fails and the natural focus collapses and returns to a tighter perception of the ego self, with a now noticeable 'other' whose presence eventually requires some type of classification and acknowledgement.

Humans create idiosyncratic relationships to their respective worlds, and can sometimes create inner suffering by denying natural instincts like the presence of unexpected sensory or emotional perception or other mental (and what might be termed physical) anomalies that do not commonly fit into the widely accepted paradigm of being a working/consuming 'clothed animal' with a predestined turn on the wheel of a large and all encompassing machine that for what ever reason appears to be running too fast, out of control and with no one good or sincere at the helm.

Instead of exploring the possibilities, it can seem easier to classify and edit our experiences of life to fit the past instead of learning to find relevance in the apparent ordinary. So as humans commonly react to the experience of reality internally and spasmodically, sometimes without the understanding of a relatively unified existing causality, that behavior (movement) can form the basis for how reality is expected to be dealt with in all future states and so the errors continue ad infinitum. This is best represented by the use of alcohol in social settings. Without real equality in a system of reality, the strongest or the loudest ideas can appear to be the great channels of wisdom and value. True equality means that there is only ever one subject and so only ever one object, the self.

To those on the path, a clear and easily defensible objective for anyone on the road is that an alert state (attention) achieves clarity and clarity requires nothing other than what is already potentially present in ones own experience of life in order to pierce the once thought impenetrable and to fill the once thought insatiable. To desire something 'other' in order to reach fulfillment, to desire more of this or that, to wish for something other than what the infinitely divine already affords, is then to imply imperfection or dependency away from the truth of what is already available, which cannot be the way. If heaven really exists because it is eternal, then that means that it has always existed and so must exist right now, somewhere and for all time. That then is the object that can one day become the subject.


Note C - Added October 2013

"In the beginning was the word, and the word was God" - thinking of McKenna - RIP

Why is it that man-made tools started being made hundreds of thousands of years ago but language is only a relatively recent event. Why didn't we need language to live back then, and why is it such a major part of our lives now? What is the relationship between mind and sound? What then, is the purpose of life?

Mind is real. We all know this, but we also don't normally concern ourselves with the weight of its truth because we don't think that we have very much to do with mind at any particular time and perhaps MIND is something that only other people have or that you find it in a book or pay money for or maybe win in the lottery. If you are coming to these words and you also don't normally concern yourself with MIND, let yourself be assured now and for all time, that MIND is all things. Everything. Nothing you experience is what you think it is, it is all in fact MIND. This is why when your mind breaks down, YOU break down. You ARE MIND. You exist in a personalised space that IS MIND but that is also so amazingly complex and beyond our own conceptions of what it really is or could be, that we perceive ourselves as shapes that we call 'bodies' with 'heads', limbs' and 'faces' and live entire life times with this being enough. This is in fact all MIND, but its unimaginable complexity forces most human beings to simply categorise themselves as sounds linked to shapes, and little more than that. This is as far as we can go - as much as we can do. Apparently it would blow our minds just to realise what our limbs really are, leave alone our hands and feet. To see MIND in all its full obviousness would in some way freak us all out and change us irrecoverably; at least in our current state. We are just not ready for the complete raw truth that we are all at least a part of. Not yet.

If you really are one of those people that didn't know this already, then you should also know this; since there is that which you are - MIND - as all is MIND, and this MIND is so amazingly vast, intelligent, and all encompassing etc that it could not possibly NOT KNOW itself to be MIND, then you my friend are something that is MIND - AND - something that is NOT MIND; because as we have already covered, you don't know what you are and since MIND is all things, MIND would naturally know all that it is. Such is the wonder of MIND.

So this leaves us with you. What are you? If I asked you would you know? Would you have more than a twitch or muttered breath? Is there anything more than these things to deal with? Where are these questions on your priority list?


Notes on the atman - 25 10 14

It is surely one of the greatest of ironies that the mystery of what is called life, does not create an immediate and lasting response in an individual, since the center of the individual is so immediate in space and time that it attains its own sense of space and time. This is the atman.

The literal side of life thinks that myth is that which tries to be a type of mirror or abstract reflection of truth. The mythical side of life is perpetually aware that the literal is that which tries to be a type of mirror or abstract reflection of truth. If both sides then, are pools of reflections, by their own undeniable understanding, they must be for something other, something not of reflection but of expression to be reflected. This is the atman.

Outside of the atman all is sense and sensibility. Sense and sensibility go together in life; they are the detail and that which seeks the detail. The details only matter to other details, the senses only matter to other senses as sensibilities only matter to other sensibilities. Outside of the atman, all is change as all exists on a flattened plane of time, each discernable and selectable object seen as another point on a line.

In the atman there is no change. All is at once available and knowable and so there is no need to seek anything since all work has been completed outside of the atman. In this space there is both nothing and nothing missing; everything and yet only the one. Time is eternal since there is no change in self as was previously experienced, although somehow something new and clear makes available information of a new type and clarity that does not arise and then decline, but instead appears and then expands. The atman is pure self, not ego self, but that which can be purified from the self to be perceived and acknowledged as self. This is why death is a cleansing, because one is cleansed of ones ignorance that has been accumulating over decades in physical structures. One is once again able to see in purity that which exists to be seen, since what is seen and what is real are the fabric of reality for any sentient being in any true state.

In the atman, there are no questions as for a question to exist, it would require time for some moment of uncertainty in the soul life allowing a question to arise. Since there is no time, there is only a continual resounding clarity that is both the question and the answer together at once, having evolved something that is all previous modalities rolled into one. Thus the atman is that which becomes infinitely and automatically verifiable by the very fact of its own existence.


Note : D - Added December /2015

The western man worships himself and believes that life is about self esteem and self image above all else. The eastern man worships something greater than himself and believes that life is about divine esteem and a lack of self image above all else. What happens when the past disappears and the future has arrived?

There is such a short time to understand what this all is, what this time, this life, this moment is. If it appears like a long time, be sure that this is a trick of the light. After all, anything that is finite, is essentially short. All things are short next to eternity, and this space, this event that is here to be understood by that which can understand, must surely be the central theme of any given moment of sanity. And yet to abandon those caught behind the veil seems sometimes neither right or advantageous. So here in this momentary phase of expression I implore you the reading system of mind and will to look to what can be created from the union of all things into one; one truth. Your truth. The truth of you. This truth is part of eternity. This truth is love.

All things evolve into and towards love. There can be little else more obvious in a mans every thought and action than to work towards more fulfilling love. Those that have fallen out of love and into the past, tend to defend and protect the past. Those who are walking away from the past look towards a future and they inevitably do so with love in mind. Those that can see that the past and the future are the same thing, already live in love.

Love is that which can connect reason and mischief, peace and anger, time and space.
Love is never wanting to be apart because love is always being together.
Love is that which is more than the sum of its parts because it is the core of all possible parts.

When love is recognised as universal, it becomes the link between all spaces, all places and all misunderstandings. When love is seen as divine, it becomes a link with heaven and all truth becomes accessible even to the mortal being. When there is no longer a separation or difference between a mortal being and heaven, there ceases to be just a mortal being.


Note : E - Added January 2016

Time as an illusion of space

The western mind believes without doubt that life evolved accidentally like a stumble out of nothing-ness into an outward escape towards something and it is that something that it wants to mould himself, like clay trying to make up what shape to dry into, amazingly misunderstanding and neglecting the essence of its presence. Life then is something always moving to the western mind, sometimes out of control and needing the expert hands of ignorance to herd the mass of similar forms.

Contrast this with the Buddhists, Hindus, Taoists and others who claim to have found worth and complexity not in movement, but in stillness. As a Buddhist sits quietly in the same position, the westerner zooms past and drives his mind in all directions trying to accumulate as much as possible in a frenzy of owning and controlling moments, images both clear and unclear, and anything within reach of their tortured imaginations believing that the larger the ball of string, the easier it is to accumulate more and last longer because in the western mind, size and magnitude is everything. It can sometimes appear that the ancient adage "All things are measured by a ruler" has driven the western mind insane.

Thus it is that most of mans' accumulated toys do not serve him but instead limit him to the finite. He can instead spend all his time in the measuring of the ball and its appearance and in doing so, becomes a slave to it and the ball becomes the center of life in place of the soul: matter supercedes light. The one thing that serves all men - the fire of mind, is not acknowledged via doctrines in the west. Only memory and beneficial interpretation are valued in the west. The servants of life are ignored and the gifts that they provide are hoarded. This is what media and culture encourage in the west. Or not.

What you see is always in a bubble of the past. Burst it at your leisure sir, for when it disappears, only the truth will remain standing. Just like a chic must let go of the shell of the egg and the caterpillar must let go of the simple but effective form that it once has, so too we must know and see and want to be free of the bubble of the past. Only then, can we appear as we truly are; eternal and ever present, paradoxically both all that there is, and all that is not. Where once the outside filtered inside, there does the inside shine in all directions so that there becomes only one direction.


Note F: Added March 2016

They are tied to their bodies as their bodies to the tide

Here by choice or here by afterthought, we all appear to be here for the one big reason - a divine event. The reason that man cannot help himself from acting in and reacting to the divine event is that man is a part of the divine event, but not the entirety or completeness of the divine event. All a man ever needs to do then, is to clearly and honestly express the truth; the truth of the present moment, the truth of the divine vehicle.

There is a moment of existence that is divine, and this is the present moment, known to some as the immanent moment or moment of immanence. In this moment all that occurs is divine as nothing else could ever have occurred but this, since the reality of the moment has passed the critical point of no-return or uncertainty, and so all expressions of it are in some way present and divine and thus lead towards wholeness and completeness and all manner of assistance to an individual. So when someone is expressing the truth of their individual moment; that is, expressing themselves, this is a divine act as it is dealing with divine information gleamed from a higher source of being than that of a possible creation of its by the limited understanding of its sensory array. That is to say, the true moment is gleamed in a place of light, reflection and meaning allocation: that place of the divine. Information is combined to be understood and the integration of this information leads to a better encompassing and direction of the present moment.

Thus at no time does or will or can the human part of the divine event ever become more important or more relevant or more essential than the divine event. That humanity is a part of something so unimaginable means that there is no humanity in a divine event as such, only a humanistic level of the divine event. It should be noted to be THE divine event and not A divine event, as it is the only event ever to be taken into question as it is always the same event, or as some might know it to be; eternal. Being eternal and ever present, it is always to be found with contemplation, which is to say that any contemplation without the divine as part of its parameters becomes simply madness; madness outside of the divine event, the moment of immanence.

The moment of immanence comes to a man as a deep silence, a collecting of focus or concentration. To sports people and those interested in competition it is known as the 'groove' or the 'zone' where time appears to be moving more slowly and one is able to capture various different angular, positional and valuation perspectives in what appears to be the time frame of a 'blink of an eye' or a split second, and thus become able to perform sense defying feats of all sorts. This experience is the moment of immanence, where the conscious energy of a person - that which moves inside the body and can be sensed with patience and practice, comes together in such a way as to create a larger mind space than was before available, allowing for faster, clearer and more imaginative solutions to the situation at hand. To those who have sought any kind of skill or purpose, this is known and it may assist others to build on that experience; that is their understanding of the self, the divine event.

When working with other people, it can seem like a delight to be sharing and receiving immanent information, even though it may not be relevant to the organic systems that most people associate with. In high stress situations, information gathering and sharing by human beings can create a group state of the immanent experience and suddenly minds that had only been connected by geography or category can find themselves bound by personal and intimate moments that are ephemeral outside of those joined by them.

To attempt to exist outside of the immanent moment is to fall or dive into shadow. People bound to shadow will always find themselves drawn in by the gravity of the relative time dilation found suddenly to be occurring in place of the immanent moment. It can thus become difficult for those surrounded by darkness to navigate out of the shadow of the past without the clear understanding that the immanent moment is to be found in silence. Even if silence is not found easily, there in its place will be the true expression of the present moment, the moment of immanence, the divine event.

Situations do not change. Only people change.



Note: 23/06/16

Final note.

If I were to write here, words that invoked a strong enough emotional response from a sufficiently large number of human beings, there would eventually arrive at the door of my home, entities calling themselves human beings who, through some internally driven and created order, would seek to deprive my body and my mind of their mortal freedoms. Symbols can create this response in human beings caught up in the whirlwinds of modern magic. Symbols can appear to be that which they represent. Thus some human beings can so erratically react to the presence of symbols in their environment that the subsequent fixation on them can actually shift the balance of reality so that the presence of the symbol begins to supercede their own presence as individual human beings.

Of course there are obvious vices that some men cannot stop playing with; namely those of bark and of rock. This need for a tactile connection with reality demonstrates a little known link back in time when the world was dark and all that was known was known through emotional attachments to objects at hand and the only light was the light of the moon in the place of the sun.

When the light of the world arrived, some human beings stood up and mistakenly reveled in their own glory, and not in the glory of the emerging God. Some human beings yearn for a time of returning darkness because some beings live only for their darkness. Darkness is a limited quantity and so more easily controlled than the bright infinity of creation. The light emanating from creation creates in these human beings, a sense of constant anxiety and so to feel better off and safer in their darkness, they use fire to try to compete with the light of God. This is done with symbols.

The most powerful symbols are that of language and since most human actions are bound to language by symbols, one can regularly generate the other. The symbol 'jump' invites the action of jumping, and alternately the action of jumping invites the associated symbol 'jump' in its perception.

Likewise, pieces of processed tree bark enshrined with a myriad of symbols invite possibilities of past and future moments to replace the current one because it is too difficult to understand. Similarly stones of different hues and shapes invite suggestions towards the shattering of clarity into a multitude of connected subjective associations.

This is the world of human government. This is the world of human law.
This is the Yuga of Kali, the time of the great dissolution. Time to nurture love above all else and trust that this if anything, will be found to have running beside it the road to luminosity.

This is where I am today. Between the light of the first movement and the time of the last change.

jack ~



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