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Alert dear people - alert! The illusion of being is to think that any one moment is just like another! Time creates a linear meaning and habit circles develop that create then moments that appear to be now moments. The thought that 'it's just another day' causes the mind to lose its sharp experience of the truth - the experience that is, of self. It's all there is to really experience.

If you are here it is because there remain certain questions living active lives in the back of your mind. Questions like WHY AM I? Or WHAT AM I? And then perhaps WHO AM I? And HOW AM I? Chances are, you are not who you might think.

There are notable and definable boundaries between certain parts of the human psyche. Conscious awareness of the 'now experience' provides a certain attribute to existence, namely the temporal now and not now. The normal abstract method of time perception can fluctuate between awareness of single static ego-object interpretations of now moments, to an awareness of flow, of measuring a 'string', of a subjective experience of a now moment, to the realisation that the now moment is a fluidic state of variable change encompassed within a sphere of awareness stretching over a spiritual fabric called time.

So one can exist as an experience of time, that has length in a linear way and so is expressible geometrically through objective symbolism. Its beginning can be thought of as a point emanating from a fixed position in three dimensional space and time, flowing outwards and expanding spherically like a pulse from a center, creating a fourth dimensional arrow that appears to be all the previous dimensions rolled into one. The span of conscious awareness is then directly proportional to the diameter that encompasses the sphere of the emanating pulse that is created by a distilation of attention. As a person's concentration deepens and lengthens, this diameter grows and may display both positive and negative linear aspects of conscious experience as relative radiuses. As the diameter of the sphere of consciousness has a growing point of awareness in equal lengths from an adjecent source (thought by some to be at right angles), it is possible to perceive two basic mind states (the beginning and ends) as being the same subject that is viewable from different ends, namely varying futures from a single past. Experience of the true self (towards divinity) is dependent on the length of conscious effort towards focusing this aspect of being. When the interpretation of such uncommon complexity eventually fails as it often does, the natural focus falls (returns) to a perception of the self by the self, but with a then noticeable 'other' that sooner or later begins to seek its own clarification to self.

Humans create idiosyncratic relationships to their respective worlds due to the effects of having tamed each other, or found a way to convince each other that they are tamed. As a result we can sometimes create inner suffering by denying natural instincts like unexpected sensory perceptions or other mental anomalies that do not commonly fit into the widely accepted paradigm of being a consuming biped playing a role as a citizen of a socially acceptable economic and cultural but never planetary, environment. Instead of exploring the possibilities, it seems easier to classify and edit instead of learning to find relevance in the apparently ordinary. Without equality in a system of reality, the strongest or the loudest can appear to be the great channels of wisdom. So as we react to the experience of reality internally and perhaps spasmodically, that is without a complete understanding, the behaviour can still form the basis for how reality is expected to be filled in all future states.

What is clear at the moment is that an alert state (attention) achieves clarity, and clarity requires nothing other than what is already present in ones own experience of life. To desire something 'other' in order to reach fulfillment, is to imply imperfection or dependency away from the truth of what is already available and contstantly forgotten or misunderstood. In this way, if heaven really exists because it is eternal, then that means that it exists right now, somewhere and for all time, perhaps shouting at us from across a great chasm of love and serene understanding.

Consider a candle flame. It lies naked to ones perceptions, always in balance and harmony with shape and hue, formed whole by the natural combination of elements. Each brilliant moment at the time of its existence works towards completion and balance, which in human terms seems comparable to the opening of ones hands, minds and hearts to the illumination of life's possibilities and igniting the soul and its requisite elements.

Human energy is unique - it can be created, shared and grown. To think that it could also be shared with the immense energies of other living things, and perhaps even the living planet or the very space that we all inhabit is something that must be the goal of every living 'cell of organised matter' that ever existed. To this, I credit the practice of meditation.



Rev 29/10/07

Sitting alone in the presence of time can seem like a daunting task and until recently, was viewed at least by the author as universally important as well as universally accessible. Having recently received the feelings of Dr Carl Jung however, I now share his caution of alertness as to the practice :

"There could be no greater mistake than for a Westerner to take up the direct practice of Chinese yoga, for it would be a matter of his will and his consciousness, and would only strengthen the latter against the unconscious, bringing about the very effect to be avoided. The neurosis would then simply be intensified. It cannot be sufficiently strongly emphasized that we (Westerners) are not Orientals, and therefore have an entirely different point of departure in these things. It would also be a great mistake to assume that this is the path every neurotic must travel, or that it is the solution to be sought at every stage of the neurotic problem. It is appropriate only in those cases where the conscious has reached an abnormal degree of development, and has therefore diverged too far from the unconscious. This high degree of consciousness is the conditio sine qua non. Nothing would be more wrong than to wish to open this way to neurotics who are ill on account of an undue predominance of the unconscious. For the same reason, this way of development has scarcely any meaning before the middle of life (normally between the ages of 35 and 40); in fact, if entered upon too soon, it can be decidedly injurious."

C.G.Jung, The Secret of the Golden Flower

Having this alert in mind, here is a simple and yet effective way to begin the practice of meditation.

Pick a spot in a comfortable room or area where you wont be disturbed or distracted by anyone or anything for a while. This is a time of the self and for the self that lasts an hour and is what I do on occasion when I begin to forget the way.

In low light I choose to either stand relaxed for one hour in the same spot with soft music (without words maybe?) playing in the background , OR sit for one hour in the same spot, comfortably without music or distractions. If I choose to do the first which I consider easier, I would then follow with the next, but I imagine that beginners might just want to try one.

So standing up in the same spot for an hour sounds easy enough and a strong willing individual may imagine that they can do anything that they put their minds to, but I was surprised on my first try. The first time I tried this, I lasted just over six minutes (I optimistically had a stop watch timing the hour) before I found myself on my bed laughing. Suddenly realising my 'failure', I regained my composure and returned to the same spot, only to last another 5 minutes before I was spinning on the heels of my feet as I swung my arms in loops yelling "Ooh yeah!" My point here is that life can be a complex thing and the true difficulty in which an intention can come to fruition may be determined by the content and composure of factors not always present in conscious awareness. I made the hour eventually, and by that stage I had decided that an hour was just the beginning.

You might ask what one is supposed to 'do' during this time. Well, I would say that if you reach this stage, you are already 'doing' something, and not much else is needed. The world turns without ones constant conscious effort, so allowing and accepting the flow of the moment is enough to slowly expand the view and refresh the screen, so to speak.

You might then remark that you don't know what to think about or have something in mind to emote about during this hour. This is a large expanse in fractal terms, between dimensions that encapsulate the difference between the 'beginnings' and 'end' of things, subjects and objects. Here is a clue to direction, and perhaps even space.

What you 'do' with your time will always be a part of what is going on in the time and space you inhabit. This is the idea of course and there is no need to initiate any change since change is the essence of life and the effort most of the time is placed on trying to STOP the seemingly infernal change. Accept the natural state of your being and flow with it, with perhaps a 'lean' towards construction instead of destruction, towards lightness instead of heaviness and acuteness instead of obtuseness. You at the very least, create the world you inhabit, so no one else can really show you it better than you can see it, and once it is seen it can be known.

People might believe that willful guidance of the body is easy because they believe themselves (their conscious experience of the body) to be the totality of themselves and perhaps their entire earth plane experience. They see themselves as 'Commander and Chief' and might not expect resistance or alternate existences already present. I suggest those people try to hold their breath for 10 minutes, and they will find that their 'importance' in the scheme of things is soon over-ridden with more urgent matters, as they are taken offline by apparently automated systems of non-conscious functions.

Identity in these cases is initially a misunderstanding. Life it seems is a symbiotic event in progress and mutual respect and even love, will gain a seeker the keys to the city. Take care to keep your virtue in this space, and if you are to stay, you must keep it forever. There is more to reality than is generally understood, and the real 'facts' are gratefully available to anyone who really wants to know, without having to look in any place other than the lap of ones own luxurious life. Luxurious that is, to exist at all.

So here we are. Halfway to heaven and nothing to do. Why does this scare so many people? Where is the fear in being alone in such a united and self maintaining coherence? Surely it is not in the room with me? Surely not a part of me? Is the fear in front of me or behind me? Is it above or below me? Is it my brother or my sister?

Reality is normally constructed from a pre-determined set of average variables that connect the transdimensional pathways of conscious mental experience with acts of will, so if I think that I am alone, I will expect to be alone. Where does this outlook come from then, and how does it change? Who is deciding reality these days?




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