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#1 - We may be but grains of sands in the wider scheme of things, but behold our real power, for without us there would be no wider anything.

#2 - He that brings himself to kill a man is no less than a destroyer of whole worlds.

#3 - Beware of those that do not sell reality, for they must be selling fantasies.

#5 - You imagine everything - especially those things that you believe to know.

#7 - To see and join the greater scheme of things, sometimes one must first remove themselves from the greater scheme of things, so as to see what they are not.

#11 - Man can be described as the resulting encapsulation of pi with an onion.

#12 - Life is change. To live then, is to become aware of the experience of change; to become a-perceptive.

#16 - Instead of looking to blame someone for the past, find someone that will take responsibility for the future.

#17 - Time isn't initially infinite because one is always going to believe they can make choices. It becomes infinite when the choices have already been made, in as much as they are always being made by the same strong intentions.

#18 - Nothing has face value.

#21 - A lie is easy to live with at first, but gets harder to live with in time. The truth is hard to live with at first, but gets easier to live with in time.

#25 - You are either the expanding comprehension of encapsulated expressions experienced as explosive compressions of understanding, or have yet to understand how compressed explosive experiences can be expressed to encapsulate the comprehension of the expanding you..

#27 - The brain is a powerful calculator, but deals poorly with perception. It can add things to reality that don't really exist as well as subtracting things that do. It can multiply the importance of some things, whilst enabling value comparison and divisions of others. Real truth then, is something that cannot be found by searching the senses for it, as all perception is interpreted by the same miscalculating instrument. Truth can only be received when it is accepted as it is, and not calculated by other means. In this way, truth comes to those who allow its existence.

#31 - Religion says that it controls reality through the help of a powerful book and other things that no one else understands, using the banner "Accept our version of reality".

Science says that it controls reality through the help of powerful machines and other things that no one else understands, using the banner "Accept our version of reality".

Government says that it controls reality through the help of powerful laws that no one else understands, using the banner "Accept our version of reality".

As religion imposes order onto chaos, it takes itself further from reality. As science imposes chaos onto order, it takes itself further from reality. As government imposes culture onto life, it takes us further from our selves.

#32 - Faith, just like fear, really is its own reward.

#33 - Life is not really separated by space, because it does not really exist in time. Living objects can appear in the changing time of the mind as individual segments, but life always exists as a single multidimensional fabric creating itself in lower dimensional complexity out of itself in higher complexity. The irony of this humbling relationship is that although both life and time are incredibly powerful when together, they are less than zero alone. Life needs time to grow and time needs life to know.

#34 - Sometimes something isn't something, until it's next to nothing.

#37 - For something to have meaning in modern society, it must usually have an end or conclusion. Only then can it be attributed measured value and significance. The eternal systems that create man himself that cannot be measured or fathomed, are perceived as pointless and meaningless and so are devalued in the broadest ways. Scarcity precludes the order of this day.

#39 - When a system is founded on deceit and illusionary power, it will see itself everywhere. Since a darkness shared is a darkness halved, it will seek to surround itself with allies.

#40 - A hungry mind is an alert mind. Satisfaction then, breeds stupidity.

#42 - Imagination that is forced to operate within predetermined limits is not imagination, it is programming. Programs hold no real knowledge, only instructions. Instructions don't grow, they just fade away.

#46 - Most people don't want to understand truth, they just want to own it. By holding ideas in memory temporarily like this they come to believe that they possess some valuable object that inherently transfers value to its owner. Little do they know that truth is weightless and has the viscosity of water allowing it to take the form of its container, but not necessarily affect its momentum. The mistake made by those who have allowed truth to slip between their fingers, is the belief that truth lies somewhere in the concrete hallways of the past or great vast oceans of yet unclaimed lands in the future.

#51 - I have seen what sane people can do, and it's enough to make you crazy.

#53 - What appears as madness to some can be the result of varied methodical planning, tireless expanding research and unbounded passion of others.

#54 - Sugar and salt, sweet and sour, pleasure and pain. Both are products of a society that has lost the boundary between the needs of the body and the purpose of the mind.

#57 - If the infinite seems to boggle, consider that which lies beyond it; the finite world of the measuring mind.

#59 - Sometimes the things that don't talk, are far more real than the things that do.

#60 - We may all be living the waking experience of a dreaming self.

#61 - For deep thinkers, the soul is truly an ocean without limit. Take care then, to regularly come up for air.

#65 - Without words, God is life. With words, God is man.

#70 - The brain is not a muscle. Don't try to use it as one.

#72 - The end of the world as we know it will be when we are awakened as a people - and not as territories. All possession will be banished and life as a connected system will be realised as the only true reality. Alleluia.

#74 - Relativity. It's no good teaching people equality if you don't teach them self respect. With out self respect they will appear worthless to themselves and the idea of equality will enforce that all those around them must be the same. We will always give ourselves what we believe we deserve so if one cannot find the beauty within themselves, they will either believe that beauty does not exist and so it does not exist in anyone else either, or that it does exist but only in others.

#78 - Before something can be understood, it must be imagined. Subsequently, everything that is understood was once first imagined and the only limit on understanding is that placed on imagination itself.

#79 - Look into yourself, not just at yourself. Look into the universe, not just at the universe. Look into life, not just at life. Surely if these things mean anything, then they must mean everything.

#84 - Where average theology would suggest that we are limited forms in infinite time, I would suggest we may be infinite forms in limited time.

#85 - Words can sometimes get in the way of a good conversation.

#86 - Sometimes I am convinced that the only thing that really exists in all the cosmos, is doubt. But even doubt might have a purpose, as a waking reminder of what we can never be.

#87 - The size of a persons mind is directly proportional to their imagined world - not their perceived one. This is why the idea of the 'infinite' becomes so important.

#88 - When you allow yourself to be who ever you want to be, you may find that you begin to become who you are.

#90 - The most ironic thing about the unknown, is that it remains unknown because it is ignored, just as ants are ignored underfoot.

#94 - Through the course of life, the brain gets younger whilst the heart gets older. The implications of this are beyond description.

#98 - Sometimes it saddens me to think that 99% of natures beauty has yet to be discovered, and especially so when I consider the 1% margin of error.

#105 - Be careful what you wish for. Dreams have a way of coming true.

#106 - Time doesn't always run out; sometimes it slips quietly through your fingers.

#111 - It only takes one to start everything, one is the last thing before nothing and as such will be the last that is left standing before a countdown to nothing. One then, is the cause of the beginning, the truth of the in-between and the meaning and name of the end.

#113 - Life is not a race. We all relatively start and finish at the same time so it may be that the essential journey of being is what is important, and not so the apparent length of the measurable existence.

#114 - Sometimes those things that gain a value, automatically lose their meaning.

#115 - For the novice and experienced alike, it is difficult to follow the way of Zen when you have half the world shouting at you in one ear, and another half whispering in the other.

#117 - All lies grow old. Only the truth stays the same.

#118 - Sometimes one of the hardest things one can do is trust oneself. Nevertheless, it seems that trust is something earned over time and is embedded with respect and care. The easier answer of obedience, is blind to wisdom or growth, is usually available immediately and enforced globally, and can lead to unforeseen repetitious behavior. Teach obedience and you will grow a want for weakness and resentment. Teach trust and you will grow a want of love and understanding.

#120 - Man is the only animal who's brain has overtaken him. The desire created by the chemical brain for both passive and aggressive reasons can overshadow the truth of mans heart. The dark desires of mans past then have all the time in the world to root themselves back in the present to hinder and shred the possible future beyond.

#121 - The only thing that can keep us from truth is ourselves. Society convinces many that truth does not exists and so fantasies are a plenty. In the end, it is only ourselves that we fool.

#122 - Only lies can be ugly. Real beauty is truth eternal..

#124 - Man seems to be waiting for his past to catch up with him, before he realises what he is doing with himself and his world. Man is enjoying a long and expensive meal, and hasn't yet realised what the price will be.

#125 - Throughout my earthly existence I sought to try all that I had the taste for, until I had nothing left to try. Only then, did I realise that nothing, was the one thing that held everything I had ever really needed.

#126 - The only way to get something done is to choose to do it. The act of choice opens clear the way to the act. When one allows a choice to be made by someone or something else, the way will be littered with doubts, hopes and fears. When life is one of choosing, it may open up to be much more of one thing and much less of another.

#127 - Nothing is as it first is. Change is the only certainty, whether or not it is consciously detected.

#128 - Does God exist? You cannot say. Does life outside this planet exist? You cannot say. Do you exist? You must say.

#131 - Behind the beginning and the end of unconsciousness, is a place without a beginning or an end. It is the truth before description.

#134 - The more I learn, the more I realise how little I know. In this way, even ignorance brings with it, a sense of wisdom.

#135 - When something is believed, it becomes powerful because it is no longer in flux, it becomes solid. When we seek power, we gain it by holding onto strong beliefs in our minds whilst we perceive the world, and so gain a measure of things as we perceive them, but not always as they really are.

#136 - An imagination that is not impinged by desire burns clear instead of in the colour of the corresponding need. This way we can see the self experience for what it is, by understanding what it is not.

#137 - An unbalanced mind can be healed by balancing the body, as an unbalanced body can be healed by balancing the mind.

#138 - Sometimes man appears to be an object for concern, study or ridicule. At other times, he is a living expression of times possibilities. Either way, the grass still grows and the the flowers still show.

#139 - Interpretations are commonly mistaken for facts.

#140a - If Knowledge = recall and Intelligence = imagination, Vanity = ?

#141 - Before you can deal with the world, you must first deal with yourself. Before you can see the world, you must first see yourself. All is change, so if you are never the same person you were in any previous instant, why would the rest of the world be any different?

#145 - It is a great shame of Man that he seems intent on finding all that is unique and rare, and making it conform to a general standard approved by those who fear the unfamiliar.

#149 - If every country in the world worked towards enriching its neighbors, traveling from place to place would be like never leaving the home world.

#151 - Not all thinking and moving seem to occur in the present tense. Sometimes we come to conclusions, and sometimes conclusions come to us. To be in the habit of receiving conclusions is to be reliving the past. To be creating conclusions is a way of experiencing the future.

#153 - The beginning and ends of things are as essential as the first word in a sentence, the ideas separated by comas in the center, and the full stop at the end. Perhaps life and death are bound in such a way. Perhaps after man is born, he dies every day and what we take for dreams are the coma experience of eternity on another plane of existence.

#155 - Man is the being able to experience the peace of oneness, the mind of God, away from the hell horde of desires. While we are kept apart by competition, we will only experience life as a perception of many, instead of an understanding of one.

#160 - Science sees life as a series of complex memory machines, and so becomes a series of complex memory machines.

Religion sees life as a relationship between master and servant, and so becomes a relationship between master and servant.

Government sees itself as a system of old ideas leading the new ideas, and so becomes a society of fathers and sons.

#164 - I have only ever been able to draw my life. It is the only thing I am qualified to describe.

#166 - All things are measured by a ruler.

#167 - The difference between meaning and ambiguity is planar.

#170 - Good and bad, dark and light are just different ways of looking at the world. There are others.

#171 - Even silence can be overwhelming.

#172 - Desire quickens the passage of time. When your mind is free of desire, it shows the true reflection of your eternal soul.

#174 - We don't always have to go to the dream. Sometimes the dream comes to us.

#176 - The secret of FEAR is that it is memory dependent. Without a past, you cannot fear the future, and without a future you cannot fear the past. Fear then, exists only as a result of imagined cognition and not of the reality of the flowing moment.

#177 - Competition is the animal that man has failed to shed. It is the lie that keeps us all in the infantile state of fighting ourselves.

#178 - The future and past may be up for speculation, but the present moment cannot be denied.

#180 - The only certainty of the unknown is that of its inescapable existence. This is the metaphorical stone the explorer hangs his coat on everyday.

#181 - The last thing we ever do is wake from eternity. Until then, we live the dream of a union of self and selves. Until then, life and love are the dream.

#182 - Those who seek truth find God.
They that seek God find words.
Those who seek words find lies.
They who seek lies, find themselves.
Those who seek themselves, find truth.

#185 - All is wonder, do not lie, to do some else is to deny,

The chance most honored, given thyne, as blessed are we when given time,

So open slather to be clear, and press the truths you need to hear,

Would you be real you must enjoy, as to be dead is to destroy.

#188 - There is a place outside of time, that can be called timeless. There is a place outside mind, that can be called mindless. There is a place outside the self, which can be called selfless. Consider then, that all these possibilities exist in the same place, at the same time and in the same person. Consider the road on which you walk.

#189 - Sometimes those things that we believe are bigger than ourselves appear more real than those things that we believe are smaller than ourselves. Thus the illusion of measurement ahead of substance continues.

#191 - How ironic that as technology advances, human intelligence diminishes. All technology depends on the slavery of its users, and always comes at the cost of freedom, health, awareness and truth. How simple then, the message that wisdom springs out of self awareness, self reliance and self expression. True enlightenment then, is not just always within reach, it is closer than you think.

#196 - Everything that ever really happens, happens in you.

#198 - When a persons' lower thoughts are able to contact their higher feelings, they cease to be one thing, and become all things.

#200 - One of the most difficult things that the conscious mind can face is the darkness of its own unconscious, until it realises that it is itself the light that creates the shadow.

#202 - It can sometimes be difficult to look for joy, especially when one considers the suffering of others. Ironically, it is the knowledge of this suffering that should instill the greatest amount of joy in a person, as it brings the responsibility for all men to create a joy within themselves to counteract the effect of others. To enjoy for those who cannot.

#204 - One cannot hold truth as one holds a ball or a gun, because truth is that which does the holding, not that which is being held.

#205 - Everything that grows, grows from the bottom - up, not the top - down. All strong growth begins at the bottom.

#206 - No one nose what I nose.

#207 - If you can convince a man that he is an animal, he will act like an animal. If you can convince a man that he is a God, he will act like a God. If you can convince a man to kill and die like a soldier, he will act like a slave.

#208 - Man is a creature who has allowed the issues of his own mind to spill forth into the physical world where these misunderstandings manifest themselves in flesh and form. The systems of Elemental Nature cannot compete against the chaos of Man's hidden domain. Only by battling his own daemons, can Man reverse this process and return nature to her former beauty and spirit. In this way, the battle begins and ends in the minds and hearts of man.

#209 - In youth, we all spent time in our minds with our imagination - the realms of light and magic that we were told meant nothing. Today science tells us that when light is focused enough, it forms a laser. Why is it that the same conclusion is so difficult to relate to the focusing of mind?

#210 - A vehicle in the ocean of water is slow to maneuver due to the density of its surrounding structure. Once the craft can rise to the next ocean, that of the air, travel becomes easier and faster - but still limited by the fabric of the surrounding structure, until the craft has enough energy to reach the next ocean. The path to light speed then, is through the attainment of critical mass in the acceleration of space.

Consider then, that the unconscious is an ocean filled with thought that is dark and difficult to navigate. As consciousness is raised to a higher state, it reaches thoughts with feeling, which for most humans, is easier to navigate. It is through higher feelings of similar nature that the next ocean is reached. The path to Enlightenment then, is through the attainment of critical mass in the awareness of self.

#211 - Time in the general sense, is a measurement. Since all measurements are an approximation of an invented method of memory collation for the purposes of cognitive order, they are not immediately real, but are generalised forms sculpted from the available system of symbolic representation. Age then - is not anymore real than is a meter or a mile. It is a unit of measure that only exists as a comparison to other units of measure. So the next time you are told to 'act your age', remember the foolishness of this concept.

#212 - Reality, unlike most human interactions, is not an act, it is the whole play.

#213 - Surely a 'game' can be defined as an activity bound by a set of rules that hope to determine an outcome. With this in mind, legal processes are a game, war is a game and even religious ceremonies seem to fall into this category. Life though, does not come with a set of rules as such, and so does not start out as a game. Notice though, how easily it can be turned into one.

#214 - The difference between mind and matter is obvious. Matter is the hard constructions of atomic building blocks, and mind is the space between them. Mind then, becomes an expression of how matter relates to its others.

#215 - Conscious understanding progresses in levels and each one provides a particular perspective according to its function. To achieve higher levels, the conscious awareness must give up what it believes it has - power. Only then can it allow itself the benefit of a higher state.

#216 - To consider the ripples on the water more important than the falling stone that made them, is to mistake the echo of life as more important than the truth of it.

#217 - Time is the great mystery. Chuang-Tzu once dreamt that he was a butterfly flying happily among trees. It was such a vivid dream that he awoke to find himself wondering if he had been a man dreaming he was a butterfly, or perhaps a butterfly dreaming it was a man. For the more reasonable, the story can be given as how light can be both a particle and a wave. The key in both cases is the same.

#218 - So technology turns out to be the great evil that will eventually ruin man. Ironic really, to see how all technology destroys life, enslaves and divides life but is still argued as mans' greatest triumph, ahead of its children. It would seem that the planet will need at least one more splash before it wakes.

#219 - Through the passages of time you will have many fronts, but you should only ever have one back.

#220 - Life really is a love affair of the mind in the space of a body for the moment of the soul.

#221 - The majority of a western persons life can be spent experiencing the space between moments. If a true moment can be defined as an experience of conscious awareness, then western life can be seen to promote the space between these moments as the ideal to follow.

Eastern meditation teaches ways of experiencing both the moments and the space between them as one continuous stream, enabling a more holistic view of all things.

#223 - You can see the light of truth and hear the truth of love, but it is generally more difficult to hear the light of truth or to see the truth of love.

#224 - Those who spend their life time trying to be smart are bound to failure. You are never as smart as when you are born and time is the natural slow process of forgetting. Something you can grow and keep through life is the wisdom of love.

#225 - The body does not know how to feel badly. It is taught this from the division of the senses. It cannot feel nothing either, as it is a force of living energy. Perhaps the focus of meditation can begin with seeking the true feeling of neutrality, which by this account might be like a blissful acknowledgement of fortunate gratitude.

#226 - A parent would do well to ask their child what they want from life and then help them attain it, instead of telling them what they want and making them do it.

#227 - For you to remember something, you must admit that it occurred in the first place. An event or sensation that you deny becomes a disassociated memory with an awareness of itself as existing, but separate from the main 'group'. Memory then, and the living entities that it creates are sometimes our eternal companions throughout our entire earth experience.

#228 - Before something can exist in the mind it must have form, even something like God. For you to exist then, you must also have form. Form is an Earthly experience.

#229 - Memories are like the shadows playing around the conscious lamp fire of our earthly visit.

#230 - Life is like the tail of a kite, that is sometimes held to the ground by the weight of memory, and other times glides silently in the winds of possibilities.

#232 - Enlightenment comes when the conscious mind realises that it is not in control of anything, and so can accept all things as they are and flow with the change that is its time.

#233 - You can't write in the dark, but you can draw.

#235 - There exists a truth for the self, and the truth of the other. The truth for the self is that all things are always changing. The truth of the other is that things are always the same.

#237 - Evil may well be a verb, and not a noun.

#238 - Plants provide us with an atmosphere to breathe, food for us to eat and shelter for us to sleep. Why would anyone, even for a moment, doubt that they might also have the ability to give new eyes for us to see?

#239 - Is it just coincidence that the smallest minds commonly have the loudest voices?

#240 - Art that is stationary, is a snapshot of a living moment. In this way, it moves us while it stays still. This movement in us is called E-motion and its chaotic nature helps us grow through meaning. The awakening effects of this art are called E-mpathy.

Art that moves, is an engram of a past moment. In this way, it moves while we stay still. This motion is called A-notion and its ordered nature makes us remember through habits. The sleeping effects of this art are called A-pathy.

#241 - Sleep may very well be nature's way of helping us to forget or let go of a past that no longer exists, so we can better deal with a future that we cannot possibly imagine.

#242 - A problem is something that a person imagines out of their transient understanding and belief in a given moment. It becomes real if our role in the understanding of the situation is difficult to overcome, and we create further things that do not belong to the here and now, but are of the there and then.

#243 - I once believed in spiritual moments, until I came to understand the moments of the spirit.

#244 - It is occult teaching that we are beings of light. If we are the light, then that which is around us would be the dark, as darkness starts where light ends. When there is more darkness than light, things are called scary and strange and one seeks control. When there is more light than darkness, things look inviting, heavenly and one is without worry. Where there is the right amount of each, a universe begins.

#245 - Just as Satan might actually be God in disguise, and God might be Satan in disguise, might truth be a lie in disguise, as a lie is truth in disguise?

#249 - Nature is what reality really is, it is why reality really is, and it is how reality really is.

#251 - Each layer of mind has its own respective memory, and so there are different types of memory for each plane of mind. This is why experiences on higher planes of mind cannot be recalled by the lower minds, as their memories do not contain the associated experiences, but rather the remaining ego reactions to the experiences.

#252 - Our actions create grooves or paths in the structure of our brains so that after a while, experiences become habituated, that is, they become the result of chance, and not will.

#253 - Man's long term problem is that he still does not know how to relate to himself, let alone his environment. The easy alternative, is to look outwards and in doing so man sees himself in darkness - in the form of his desire. Perhaps this is why when man looks at a forest, he sees a car park?

#254 - Spirituality is about being one with the spirit, not two of the body or three in the mind.

#255 - The price of science is industry.

#256 - The nature of reality is balance.

#257 - The road to truth is to feel what you think. You will know your thoughts are clear when such are your feelings.

#258 - The 'word' is what religion sees as the 'light' that brings the human experience out from the 'darkness' of nature, and creates the 'heaven' of imagination. Here in this place of light and shadow, play the angels and devils.

#259 - The only reason you forget things, is that you remember them later.

#260 - Above and below are the same place, with any difference amounting to the enigma of perspective.

#261 - Uncertainty is a nice place to be, a safe haven of sorts to be preferred over certainty in most situations. Those who are certain of something, are bound to wait an eternity for that certainty to end.

#262 - The ultimate conclusion of desire is death. All desire appears as a light lit in the absent darkness of an otherwise beautiful truth.

#263 - If you become an alter of truth to be worshipped, you will come to defy all else. Do for yourself the worshipping of truth, and the alter will appear.

#266 - The closer one looks at something, the more one sees right through it.

#267 - All people are artists. The reason more people do not create, is that all people are also critics.

#268 -The truth of the matter, is that there is no inside or outside. There is only here and there.

#269 - I went looking for my soul and to my surprise, my soul came looking for me.

#270 - The difference between a normal man and a wise one is that the wise man does not wait for the world to change, he waits for it to catch up.

#271 - Everything that exists naturally, knows of itself.

#272 - It is a common enough thought that the best way to beat a bad man, is by being worse than he.

#273 - What you see is different from what you see through.

#274 - The smaller we get, the bigger everything else looks. Thus continues the illusion of perspective.

#275 - When a foolish man smiles, he is smiling at himself. When he laughs, he is laughing at the world.

When a wise man smiles, he is smiling at the world. When he laughs, he is laughing at himself.

#276 - Media creates a world where all things are a con-promise

#277 - Sometimes you are only as big as you are small.

#278 - How ironic it is that if heaven really does exist and really is eternal, then it should by rights exist right now, as it has always done so. If heaven only begins when we die, then it cannot be but transitory and so much more like life than like death.

#279 - The idea about mind being the same thing as the body is akin to hammering a nail into your own chest just so that you can hang a picture from it - a picture that you believe you drew of a mind inside a body.

#280 - Always love your body. Your body is heaven on earth.

#281 - Truth never disappears, it is you that spirals away from it.

#282 - Truth isn't about understanding something new, its about a new understanding of what already is, true.

#283 - Truth doesn't need protecting. When you try to protect truth, you enclose it in a prison, away from the freedom to be found.

#284 - Mind is where all things happen - and mind is time. Truth is what happens in your time, and love is the way you react to it.

#285 - The body gets tired of laughing - the mind never does.

#286 - The truth of life is that it was only ever, a moment.

#287 - Life is a process of wearing out.

#288 - There is always a part of you that is new, and there is always a part of you that is old. How could it be any other way?

#289 - There is no difference between a lie and a mistake. If mistakes are a natural part of human life, then perhaps lies are also.

#290 - If your life is a journey, then you are alone.

If your life is one of seeking pleasure and quick satisfaction, then you are not alone.
If your life is a dream, then nothing is real.
If your life is a trial, then no one is real.

#291 - Consciousness heals, like a wake along the edge of darkness.

#292 - You only fail when you give up.

#293 - Both the dream and the nightmare are created at the same time, as without the one, there would be no other.

#294 - You are only lost if you are trying to get somewhere that you are presently not.

#295 - Keys grow, while the locks remain the same.

#296 - If absolutely anything can be said about any given moment and at any given time, what is the point in saying anything at all?

#297 - Tame the beast, or the beast will tame you.

#298 - To meditate is to be in the continual process of anticipating the unexpected.

#299 - Clarity releases a soul from the trappings of perspective.

#300 - Sometimes it is in the moment of clear ignorance in which one feels the biggest sense of freedom.

#301 - All realities depend on the questions asked, and not the answers given.

#302 - Real men don't wear hats.

#303 - Power brings amplification. Some people do not need amplification.

#304 - Mind is subtlety personified.

#305 - Human life involves the entertainment of possibilities.

#306 - We sometimes want what we believe we don't already have. It's a good good thing then, that we are born with everything we need.

#307 - Each time you describe reality, you tear a piece of it away from the whole.

#308 - The one true power is resistance.

#309 - We sometimes love those things that we are afraid of.

#310 - They that wield truth can never be defeated, because it is the nature of lies to make mistakes. Lies are themselves in essence, mistakes.

#311 - Science can make you smart, because 'smart' is the ability to manipulate information.

Love can make you wise, because 'wise' is the ability to free information.

#312 - The world is learning to breathe.

#313 - There are four reasons to love, and one reason to hate, four reasons to give and one to take.

#314 - Its all a matter of time. Everything is a matter of time. Life is a matter of time.

#315 - Man once tip toed through the world like an angel. Now he holds and claws at it like a vulture.

#316 - Sometimes religion can appear to be more about the messenger than the message.

#319 - Hand onto Caesar that which is Caesar's, as you give the body to the body and give the mind to the soul.

#320 - Insanity is a term used to describe one persons behavior that does not meet another persons expectations. So one mind measuring another mind. If mind (all minds) is the unique subjective experience of life, how can any one mind accurately measure another? And even if the measurement seems accurate, what makes it real enough to be brought out of the symbolic mental world to have its constructed reality enforced in the physical world of the body? How do fools cross the great frontier?

#321 - I was thinking about how time was not what I thought it was, when I realised that only thought was what I thought it was.

#322 - You cannot fear the unknown - fear is specific - you fear what you already know.

#323 - The doer, the mover, the shaker and baker,
The salesman, the builder, the candlestick maker.

#324 - Don't apologise for the past. If you must apologise, do it once and do it for the future, and then return to making good mistakes and not bad ones without the need for apologies.

#326 - Conversations with the 'Other'.

* You know less than you think you do.
~ Yes, I can see how that is true, and it frees me somehow from some virtual responsibility. I feel more real now.
* So you have noticed that knowing little is actually quite a good thing.
~ Yes, but why is that so?
* Because it is infinitely better than thinking that you know something, but actually knowing nothing.
~ Don't you mean that's its twice as good?
* I mean, its infinitely better.

#327 - Dvast8, or 'the vast infinite' - a lock within a key found on the path to clarity, given freely as a gift to others.

#329 - When is a penis not a penis? When it is a prick.

#330 - The bane of the philosopher is that he believes his vision to be superior to others, and so he strives to sight.
The bane of the hedonist is that he believes his pleasure to be superior to others, and so he strives to taste.
The bane of the lover is that he believes his word to be superior to others, and so he strives to sound.
In each case the one believes he is the master is actually the slave. After all, only a slave would boast about having a master.

#331 - 'Nowhere' is a place, often visited by the masses.

#332 - Consciousness is a reducing valve created by closer and closer inspection.

#333 - When peace is the destination, the path becomes peaceful.
When chaos is the destination, the path becomes chaotic.

#334 - It is the curse of men that they sometimes forget the gentlest parts of their nature.

#335 - Don't be where you want to be, be where you are. Be a where instead of a what.

#336 - The fool celebrates early - the wise man leaves it till last.

#337 - Do not look to the now
the now does not need looking to
it knows where it is
it in fact holds you, not you it
feel the space you inhabit
feel it not just to love or hate it
accept it as it needs to be
free yourself from the responsibility to change it
allow it and you to be what you are
not what you think you should be.
free your other, and you free yourself.

#337 - A good nature prevents bad actions. All thought and action is guided by nature and bound by it. Freedom from nature is the experience of environment; a long varying chain of simulated elemental changes.

#338 - The only thing that you are not, is what is left aside from creation itself.

#339 - How does a nose talk? It points.
How do eyes talk? They move.
How do ears talk? They listen.
How does a mouth talk? It doesn't.

#340 - Does pleasure bring joy? Or does it bring death?
Does pleasure bring wisdom? Or does it invite ignorance?
Does pleasure build for the future? Or does it maintain a past?
What is the cost of making pleasure the main driving force in a persons life.

#341 - Those who turn east seek something.
Those who turn west find something.
Those who turn north lose something.
Those who turn south become something.

#342 - They that do not question, do not know and will never know.
They that question do not know either but they are open to suggestion.
They that know, do not question and often try to forget.

#343 - "I dare do all that may become a man
They that dare do more are none" - Shakespeare.

#344 - If linear time is real, then the only way to speak the truth is to speak only of the present moment. The present moment only yields to description and you can only ever describe what it appears to be, where it appears to be heading or how it might have arisen. There is more than one path out of unreality and back home.

#355 - We try to understand our dream by the images it gives us, as it tries to understand us by the choices that we make.

#357 - There is a light that never dies, and a fire that rises and sets.

#359 - To be carefree is to be free of words and actions. To be hate free is to be free of number and measurement. Numbers come from our vanity and words our distortion. When one can be tempered and the other fine tuned, they can exist naturally and harmoniously with all things.

#360 - Yawning might not be so much of someone falling asleep, as much as someone waking up.

#361 - Governments don't wake up, people wake up.

#362 - Some men spend their lives looking to get away from their biology and in every way, try to dampen, depress, distract, distort and numb themselves out of existence. It may come a time when men find a way to destroy their biology altogether and merge instead with the crystalline earth in the hopes of extending their reach. These men will slowly dilute through the bowls of time.

Some men spend their lives awakening to their biology and sense in every way, the importance and divinity of their situation. It may come a time when the man and the biology will have to part, and it will be a moment of eternal gratitude and love for the precious moment that they were able to share. These men will have found the reason they existed, and that alone may take them beyond the sound of time.

#367 - My reason hides emotion as my emotion hides my reason, which is to say that the one is unconscious of the other as polarities might exhibit. The force of the magnetic field emitted by this duality is 'desire' and as we strengthen desire, we strengthen the field. Without desire, the field shrinks towards its center where it can know itself inside the sensing organism of the human body. Allowing the field to return to its natural, neutral information collecting function, it can assist both the biology and the logical, making man a biologically based cosmos.

#368 - When a fool speaks, he gives away the keys to his kingdom. Little does the fool have to say, even though he may spend many hours speaking.

#369 - How does one know that what he hears in his heart is the truth, when every sound that the heart makes is in itself a dream come true?
How does one know that what he sees in his heart is the truth, when every light that the heart shows is in itself a dream come true?

#370 - When you are somewhere else, you are someone else.

#371 - All men are masters, but only of themselves. All men are fools, but only of themselves.

#372 - Even perfection becomes a shadow in time. What then, of eternity?

#373 - Sometimes you don't need your eyes to know where you are.

#374 - Heaven is created when angels coax demons into kindness. Hell is created when demons coax angels into kindness.
Demons think that they are all alone. Angels think that they are all together.
Demons want to bring others down to them. Angels want to others up to them.
Demons thrive by controlling others. Angels thrive by freeing others.

#375 - Everything works when you get it right.

#376 - Do not try to stop thinking, just to think softly. Do not try to stop feeling, just to feel softly. Do not try to stop talking, just to talk softly. Do not try to stop moving, just to move softly. In gentleness, all things are achieved. Gentleness is always found in harmony.

#377 - The foot that is largest is not always the best foot. The tree that is tallest is not always the best tree. The eye that is clearest is not always the best eye. The road that is shortest is not always the best road. The mouth that is widest is not always the best mouth. The tongue that is sharpest is not always the best tongue. Sometimes what seems like fulfillment, is only a step towards a tree that is seen on a road and is spoken of in taste of the passing moment.

#378 - Some Men fall from mountains made high by the accumulation of their misunderstandings. Some Men argue about the stars while their families are left on the ground. Some Men cry at the blood of a dog or a whale, but not at the blood of a fish or a tree. Some Men want what they don't have while knowing little of where they stand. Some Men lie with the tongues that give them the vital breath of life. Some Men die holding tight the heads that so utterly failed them.

#380 - Scientists love numbers and building new symbols as they impose their choices on all things. They love the geometric shapes that the organised symbolic information makes when it is constructed and reconstructed in their imaginations. They may not realise that the space they are using for their daily obsessions is already "inhabited", and if they could but stop forcing their wills upon it and allow things to take on shapes of their own, they might find the ancient language of Gaiya, the star planet who's destiny we all share.

#381 - The first law of thermodynamics says that you can't win, while the second law of thermodynamics says that you can't even break even. If there is no chance of winning, then there is no loss, only certainty. In certainty is found peace that allows the acceptance of all things. In summation, there really is nothing to lose in the anything of everything.

#382 - Sometimes it doesn't matter whether you are running to something or running from something. You still receive the workout needed to grow.

#383 - Desire as a subject cares for nothing, demands from all things and is always doing what it is not, no matter what might arise to it. Desire seeks only death as death is desire's only release from life, so they that grow desire grow death.
Desire then, is the tar that covers the road that leads away from life.

Patience cares for everyone, gives to all things and is always doing what it is, no matter what might fall to it. Patience seeks only life as life is patience's only release from death, so they that grow patience grow life.

Patience then, is the grass the covers the road that leads away from death.

#384 - Mind and matter. Only when you find the one, will you see the other.

#385 - When life crosses over into language, it can pay a heavy toll.

#386 - The past is not truly aware of itself. This is what makes it the passed.

#387 - The more you hear, the more you know.
The more you know, the less you say.
The less you say, the more you see.
The more you see, the less you be.

#388 - The more objects handled by a mind on a regular basis, the more mechanical becomes the person. The fewer objects handled by the mind on a regular basis, the more personable becomes the machinery.

#389 - When you start you die for fun
when your young you die for glory
when you mature you die for habit
when your old you die for reason
when your older you die for hope
Only when you die for the last time do you begin to live

#390 - Life is what happens when infinite size meets infinite density.

#391 - Where does the ground end and the sky begin?

#392 - If you don't think that life is a dream, then you are probably dreaming.

#393 - One distraction leads to another? Welcome to the maya.

#394 - If you are not awake, then you are nothing. Even so, everything, including nothing, is something. So the paradox continues.

#395 - Acuity fades in the darkness of memory, so even while the dark may seem favorable for a while, all things ultimately become what they are in due time.

#396 - A state is but a place and a place is but a time, so grace must be a state, where all things end in rhyme.

#397 - When I move in any direction, it moves away from me. Only when I am stationary does it come to me.

#398 - To hide something is to bury something, is to plant something, is to grow something that will find itself later. To run away from something is to identify that something as being separate from the one thing which guarantees keeping that something for ever.

#398 - Sometimes its only when you find the right vantage point that you get the right answers.

#399 - It dilutes in vastness, scales in harshness and laments the passing of the time when the world was just what it claimed to be. These days the organizing of moments and their respective contexts disappear amongst the infiltrations of the dreaming, the great Gaian myth of participation rearing its large and economic head into the flaming and dusty skies to devour the kindred hiding within and without the general populace.

#400 - Language is the road on which walk the angels of light.

#401 - If truth can begin anywhere, then surely it begins with the obvious.

#402 - Laws are they that exist before nature, for when nature arrives, laws become redundant.

#403 - The universe is God's house. This is where God lives. Life then, is an invitation.

#404 - Only fear keeps people from God because fear is part of the other side.

#405 - When you measure life for the wrong reasons, you ultimately get a wrong answer.

#406 - One night after searching and seeking for just the right place, I found myself in a state of clarity and beauty that I can describe only as the bardo, where everything that I could ever want presented itself at my calling. This was at first both wondrous and alarming, and soon faded into a memory that I could only write about in cryptic and abstract manners, always trying to hold onto it in some way through the changing and regenerating of my physical vehicle. Through the course of many years I kept trying to return to the bardo, each time ever seeing more of it, of myself, and of the choices that arose in my incarnation.
Then one night, many years after forgetting all about the bardo, I found myself there again, without consciously intending to be there. It just arose from the spontaneous and particular environmental and spiritual conditions of the moment. It was only then that i realised I had never ever left the bardo. I had only forgotten about it.

#407 - When you are in the dark, you are in all places at once.
When you are in the light, you are all at once in one place.

#408 - The past is a dead end. The future, an ever revolving door.

#409 - The finding of truth is intelligence. The keeping of truth is wisdom.

#410 - When you free the mind from the body, you free the body from the mind.

#411 - Man cannot see what he cannot imagine.

#412 - Time can make fools of us all.

#413 - Man finds what he is by finding what he is not.

#414 - All things are born in the moment.

#415 - Before you can bring heaven to earth, you must bring the good to the bad.

#416 - A human being is the anticipation of a thought. A thought is the anticipation of a collected will. A collected will is the anticipation of the moment. The moment is the movement that allows all things to exist.

#417 - The solutions to the modern worlds problems are found in the new worlds, just as the solutions to the older worlds problems are found in the modern world. This is the machine.

#418 - Man is that place where God fell to earth.

#419 - Ego is what happens when a pin falls into a hole.
Ego is what happens when the wheel of fortune stops.
Ego is what happens when the grave stone is first cut into.
Ego is what happens when an object finally stops on a frame.

#420 - The road to freedom is to be free of earthly concepts. What silliness would it be then, to be on the road to freedom and suddenly bind yourself once more with concepts of heaven, since all concepts are earth born.

#421 - Culture is causally bound to the gravity of the situation.

#422 - How ironic that when you are able to let go of everything you believe to be real, you find yourself holding everything that is real.

#423 - Each individual cosmos exists in a temporal and metaphysical relationship that governs reactions to the living experience of elemental exposure.

#424 - Sometimes I find myself knowing things that I did not know before, but even so, it does not mean that I suddenly know more than I ever did, since the knowing of one thing is simply replaced by the knowing of some other. For something to be known at any one time, there must be unknowing or forgetting of other things. There is always knowing then, and always not knowing, since the two must necessarily exist at the same time in an evolving system. Otherwise to know nothing would be to dream a life and knowing everything would be to live a dream.

#425 - The body is both a sensing instrument as well as an expressing instrument. The receptive and the creative.

#426 - If you want to hear Gaiya, listen to the ground.
If you want to hear God, listen to the sky.

#427 - The only people that know what is right from what is wrong are those that feel, since right and wrong are more often than not in a reality allocated via a feeling or intuition, and not frankly via the use of reason or emotion, which are normally opposed to real feeling and intuition. In fact when right and wrong is determined via reason or emotion, it normally receives a rather bleak post-event reflection ( i.e. war, revenge, law etc). Reason and emotion then, seem to be those mechanics that determine the will of the user, and not specifically the direction and or implementation of right and wrong. Feeling and intuition then, seem to be aspects of something somewhat removed from the direct will of the user. Something divine.

#428 - Some people need rhyme but struggle to find their reason.
Some people need reason but struggle to find their rhyme.
I need both, and in this all my time is taken up.

#429 - The only thing to be argued about is the description of things, and what is there that is of less importance than the description of things, since the things themselves should always be considered paramount and without the need to be predetermined by metaphysical restraints.

#430 - Not so much a space than a time.

#431 - *Reflections of the other.

"Can you dream without knowing that you are dreaming?"
"Yes you can. Its called life."

#432 - I always enjoy clarity much more than confusion, although I am not always sure why.

#433 - If you can know something, then you are a servant, as the knowing of things makes you useful, even though you cannot see or do anything.
If you can do something, then you are a servant, as the doing of things makes you useful, even though you cannot know or see anything.
If you can see something, then you are a servant, as the seeing of things makes you useful, even though you cannot know or do anything.
If you can feel something, then you are a God, as the awareness of yourself makes you omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent.

#434 - The stupidity of man is that he spends his time seeking that which he does not have, and as soon as he obtains it, he seeks some other and discards the former. He calls this progress. If he would but stop seeking and accept what he has first before any thing other, he might realise a new perspective on life that perpetuates a harmony with all things.

#435 - " I live in my own world, but that's ok. Everyone knows me here. " - Sue :-)

#436 - Only the ego can die, because only the ego was borrowed, and must at some point be returned.

#438 - Time is the interval between reason, emotion, knowing and feeling, whose alternating binary exchange creates a charge known as time. This time then allows or enables opportunities to be seized upon like fruit, and the eventual harvesting of the seeds that grow from such experiences. Alleluia

#439 - Consciousness is the plate on which one carries the fruits of the moment, and precisely not that of the recollected past.

#440 - I once thought that if I could go anywhere I wanted to, any time I wanted to, I could somehow always be where I was needed. It was only later that I realised that where I was needed most was always where I already was, and not where I wasn't.

#441 - The smartest people in the world know nothing, since the knowing of something negates the experience of the living moment, which is reality.

To know anything then is to be away from reality since knowledge itself is made of things that are not real and symbolic. This is a representation of reality on a different level of human existence, namely the mental mathematical realm of relationships and meaning.

So the smartest people in the world know nothing, since knowing nothing means that you can anticipate the receiving of reality and experience it, constantly refreshed, ad infinitum.

To know something then is to have in ones sphere of reality, something other than the experience of reality which is consciousness: Something extra, besides consciousness. Something that when it knows itself well enough, can take over a system in the light of its own separate existence.

#442 - The man who partakes of a family should look to his children.
The man who partakes of a journey should look to his soul.

#443 - Number is the language of the divine.

#444 - In things of the earth I trust my eyes
In things of the air I trust my ears
In things of the water I trust my heart
In things of the fire I trust my tears
In all things other does Maya make nest
To silence all ones fallen fears.

#445 - When you close your hands and the universe seems to disappear, does it also stop existing?
When you close your heart and the universe seems to disappear, does it also stop existing?
When you close your mouth and the universe seems to disappear, does it also stop existing?
When you close your eyes and the universe seems to disappear, does it also stop existing?
When you close your mind and the universe seems to disappear, does it also stop existing?

#446 - Only mind feels the matter. Only matter knows the mind. With knowing and feeling there is found all things outside of nothing. So one discerns the difference of things and one discerns the similarities, until one finds that happiness and misery can exist in the same place, but on different times.

#447 - On the first day of worlds end there will be no one to remind anyone of anything, and so will be seen the true shape of form as essence is freed from it. So look you now to the essence of life and keep it true and clear, and leave the form to be that which it is, and only divert its line when in some way its change threatens the stability and clarity of the essence. For only when form and essence are allowed to be true to themselves are they mutually truly free, allowing natures purpose to be fulfilled and the Great Misunderstanding to be avoided.

#448 - One of the things that human eyes cannot by themselves see, are themselves.
Although the self behind the eyes is a cosmos of living and divine information, the environment that the eyes create out of interpreting the various sensitivities to different frequencies of radiation in mostly empty space, is but a contrasting and highlighting of differences and similarities via limited choice.
Ergo, by the deficiency of their relative position, eyes must in some way be the most ignorant of the senses, since they miss out on what must ultimately be the larger totality of life as taken from the first principles of a subjugated objective experience.

#449 - If listening to smart people makes you smart and listening to wise people makes you wise and listening to happy people makes you happy and listening to good people makes you good, then listening to stupid people must make you stupid and listening to ignorant people must make you ignorant as listening to sad people must make you sad and listening to bad people must make you bad. What then is the error here?
The error is people. People aren't any of these things, but instead are resilient, persisting and arbitrary solutions to the misunderstandings of these things.

#450 - Matter is at the beginning of the world, so what matters is what comes first. Mind is at the end of the world, so what minds is what comes last.

#451 - You cannot die without first having lived. If you die without having lived, you don't wake from the dream. If you never live, then you will never die, but instead sleep forever.
Once you have lived, then and only then are you able to die and in doing so, know what it means to live.

#452 - I live by a certain set of laws, which although bind me to make decisions in reflection of something other, they also protect me as to that same other. So in allowing my path to be focused, I free myself from dealing with the ultimately infinite void that is available to normal men. The laws are themselves steps, and the castle that grows around them echo the spirit of the time. It is in the steps of this spirit that soul and karma are manifest. Without spirit and the laws that empower it, life is but a spinning disk counting down the space before oblivion. This is why there is a path, and how the path is forged.

#453 - If one never becomes bored with being one, then there would never be an occasion to be two or more. Change then, and the different perspectives it produces are exactly what is needed for understanding and the discipline of feeling. Only in the spinning of the disc is there a chance to increase the dimensionality of the essence. The steering of the disc is done through pure intention, and the more subtler the better. As the intention joins the disk, it too experiences change and thus grows as sentience, all the while sharing the experience with the emerging soul.

#454 - Each man must make his own torment towards his own satisfaction. Only in this torment can he rise above it and finally see himself and that which he has risen above for the first time, before finally rejoining with it in a celebrated understanding of the situation. It is this relationship that forges the material from which new spirit is brought together through a door in the veil of maya. Without the proper relating to the world, all understanding is useless since it must ultimately bow down to truth. Understanding that is not aligned with truth is the trademark of the foolish, the wicked and the damned.

#456 - If good is the only thing worth having and the only time you can have the good is when you are aware of having it, does not this mean that most of ones life time is filled with moments that do not have goodness as part of their makeup since few people are constantly aware of how good they are? So then, if time does not naturally produce goodness of its own accord, but instead it only arises when it is directed to by the actions of man, what then is the purpose of good other than that which serves man and not some already existing keeper of such good?

#458 - I am both happy and at fault. I am at fault with God because I doubt his obvious existence, but I doubt his obvious existence because it seems to me impossible to compliment his good works that make me so happy, with today's modern human world. To accept the idea that a benevolent God would willingly sustain the current culture is to accept the impossible, which would automatically invite madness and chaos. This madness would destroy any kind of meaning a conscious human life could ever have so I am at fault with God because I seek to bring real and lasting meaning to my life but not by just accepting every vision that comes my way. Strangely, it is simply by having the ability to make this particular choice, that I am happy being at fault.

#459 - A conscious being is one that is actively participating with its environment. An unconscious being is one that is actively being participated with by its environment. Both exist exclusively for each other in both cases.

#460 - People are always complaining about how many lives are lost each day on earth, but at the same time are well versed to compliment and encourage growing families through the birth of new people. It seems to me that if you invite people to be born, then you must also accept that you invite them to die at some point, since this evolution seems inevitably to be a part of the price of life, and its denial to be a topic of ignorance. Otherwise, let people die as you allow them to live; by their choice, else you seek to contradict yourself by evading the obviousness of the issue or trying to make your case by some mathematical means.

#461 - Primal desires never die, they just change form. The same frequencies that create the base desires can be regrouped in such a way that their repeated resonance creates a larger body of existence and thus new forms and relationships are possible. Alleluia

#462 - There is no on time or off time. There is just time, and ones place in it.

#463 - Those who cannot think and feel accurately, often fall to love believing that they are better off than trying to think or feel accurately. Ironically, if you unravel love, you will find that it contains a mixture of repressed thoughts and feelings whom have formed themselves into a united force, lacking the leadership of a true intention. Those who can think and feel then, are those who have been able to create and nurture a true intention, who's harmonic drives have little need for the illusion of the lost, except as a helpfully contrasting platform for an alternate conscious evolution.

#464 - When you want something, you can tend to ignore that which is already present, preferring a sweet fantasy to the reality of the present moment. Let go of want and open your eyes and heart to the truth of the moment, and you will find that you already have, perhaps have always had or in some way actually are, the truth. With truth all things are filled, and a need for something further slowly recedes into space like a shadow rejoining the darkness.

#465 - With what eyes does the flower seek the sun
with what teeth does the soldier bite his tongue
with what face does the moon reflect the disc
the tao

#466 - You bring me light and you bring me joy. With just these two things I could be fulfilled for all eternity, but even so you bring me all other things as well, and these two things are but a supplement to your abundance. How can I not feel fortunate with this simple understanding.

#467 - It's like a sudden wide vibration that releases information on its way to circulation before final education and a timely contemplation sure to loosen ones temptation for the never ending questions of the Tao.

#468 - I must act first and foremost for the people, for they that do not act in this way are tyrants and in more than a single manner, have the people enslaved and ignorant.
Woe for they that act this way, for lest the people will a stay, they might but finally one day have their say.

#469 - Heaven comes when the people are safe, but the people feel safe only when the situation calls it so. When the people are ignorant, it is easy to feel safe as anyone's information is as good as any others, but when the people have much knowledge it is harder to feel safe as authority comes into view. So with much knowledge comes greater responsibility in order to maintain the same level of heaven that may have been available before the people had much knowledge. Knowledge then seems at first to have a consequence in that of a growing authority, until one realises that this is not a fixated price, but simply the causal result of having much knowledge.

#471 - Truth that is not aligned with reality is like a shrinking onion. It can spice up the world but may leave a strange after taste that one may need to wash through with much water.
Real truth needs no orator, as it already speaks the multitudes of possibilities and one has but to listen to ones own existence to catch its divine frequency.

#472 - Lao Tse gives the people a voice. With a voice, the people become known. When the light of the people is known, all misdeed disappears and all things great and small become the one. With the one, all things are accomplished.

#473 - It is wise to forgive your enemies as you forgive yourself, for if you cannot forgive your most opposed subjects, then you cannot stretch your love across the pass of the impossible and are therefore not the true natural ruler of the kingdom. Only the true ruler has omniscient access to forgiveness, love and humility because only the true ruler can stand in the place of all places and at once understand all perspectives as one. In understanding all places he effectively becomes them and is at once all things. Of this it is said that the land and the king are one.

#474 - The problem with life isn't that we live or that we die, but instead that we come to mind the living and the dying. It is for this that Epictetus says to the matter; "Don't wish things to be as you want them to be, but wish them to be as they are: and you will always do well".

#475 - What would Heaven be called if it was filled with ordinary people? It would be called Earth. Although seeking Heaven directly may lead to error, perhaps by agreeing on Heaven's virtues for one's self before seeking anything, might one arrive at Heaven's gates without trying to find them.

#476 - That which is natural is the good, since its presence and function allows other GOOD things to exist and by doing so, there is the presence of something that has a goodness that is beyond question. By the nature of goodness however, it by itself cannot know anything outside of itself since the nature of goodness is to be within life and not without it. The knowing of other things then, is only possible by the unnatural function, which although is born out of the natural, is able by its acquired attributes to be naturally unnatural and thus examine and come to lend a new understanding of and to the nature of things. The natural in some way then, has to grow the unnatural to benefit from its aspect and receive the relevant returning tributes according to the nature of its own will. If the one true nature is God, then it can be seen that God knows nothing outside of itself, and it is only through the eyes of man that God is able to see and come to an understanding of its place in the world. The eyes of man then, are the eyes of God and so God is either empowered or weakened by the images that the eyes of man receive. When you control man then, you control God. When you devolve man, you devolve God. When you dishonor man, you dishonor God. Woe is he that can bring himself to pay this type of homage to the nature of existence, as surely there can be no deeper place in the universe than the well from which all things arose. My love and thanks to The Old Master.

#477 - Left to his own devices, man becomes what he is. Left to the devices of others, what is it that man becomes?

#478 - The reality of the one and the dream of the many.

#479 - The destiny of an animal is to be limited by its external environment.
The destiny of a man is limited by his internal environment.

#480 - Patience is golden.

#481 - For a navigator that is falling through time, purpose is the straight line on the surface of the never ending sphere; the arranging of order in the midst of chaos. Purpose is the ground where grows sentience, in a plantation of meaning.

#482 - The more you lean towards the organic, the more your fate is secured.

#483 - If my feelings cannot guide me towards a substantial beginning, then my thoughts may guide me towards an insubstantial end.

#484 - Only when you believe in nothing, are you truly alone.

#485 - You cannot see where a person starts, you can only see where they begin.

#486 - Ones memory is never a worthy true reflection of ones life. Only the moment is worthy of such.

#487 - The sensory world is the dream that we live our lives in, but it is not reality. Truth then, is not found via the senses, but instead through an understanding of what else there is besides the senses

#488 - Awareness must have something by which it is known, by which it is owned. Awareness without subject is like subject without awareness. And when these two are together, they can find that which gives them the space to exist. This is the trinity of infinity..

#489 - Life is a walk through time, where we find that which baffles our imagination. This is namely the finite infinity of the symbol, a paradox at the heart of the proposed proposition, and one that makes life shine with light.

#490 - You only ever write for someone else.

#492 - There's nothing about the good that can ever do anyone anymore harm than everything about the bad that always does no one any good.

#493 - Man may be given the ship by design, but he must design the sail on his own.

#494 - What the poor have and keep in abundance is belief. What the rich sell and lose in abundance is belief.

#495 - Intuition is a derivative of the continued polishing of a reflective instrument being shined upon by an investigating light.

#496 - I am not about people, I am about things, because things are people too.

#497 - Its important to them that you keep remembering the past, so that you don't think about the future. Its important to them that you become a past, so that you don't fight their future.

#498 - I was once ready to visit, but I wasn't ready to stay
Whilst it is always what it is, so I can finally know the way

#499 - Two can look down, but only one can look up.

#500 - The one seeks the many and the many seek the one.

#501 - If you look at clouds for long enough, you will see yourself. The reason for this is a cause of the beginning.

#502 - I am not here to state the obvious as the obvious should state itself.

#504 - To be free is to question. To be slave is to answer. To be smart is to listen. To be wise is to remember.

#505 - Truth is the light that never ends and whose existence allows lesser lights to play.

#506 - How ironic that two of the world's largest industries are those that poison us into sickness and also those that mutilate us back to health.

#507 - If you seek to do what is best, then you seek to develop a sense of taste.
If you seek to do what is right, then you seek to develop a sense of estate.

#508 - Spirit is the taste of soul, as sense is the taste of life.

#509 - Sometimes the world can appear to be like a relationship between a bag and a vast amount of mud. There is more mud than the bag can hold so no matter how much mud you manage to put into the bag, there is always more mud outside the bag than inside it. More so, the bag can become heavy and more work is required to carry it when it is full, so the common shadow is to lose ones self in the vast mud pile and discard the bag, as a cause and effect response. These lives now orbit the mud, using it as a marker at the center of the cosmos they revolve around.

For others, that which 'matters' is the bag. No matter how much mud you put into it, there is always mud falling out and somehow never enough inside it. For these, it can become a choice to attempt to keep the bag clean and empty of mud even though some always seems to fall inside it after a time. These lives now revolve around an object of mystery, a paradox in the making that is of such a difference to the previous related forms that that new values and transmissions are constantly enticed into existence from a door in some unseen fabric.

But there is a third aspect here, and although it is not directly mentioned in the above arrangement, its part in any equation would be unquestionable.

#510 - You can know about some things and not know about other things. It is generally understood that no one can know everything as this would negate our sense of individuality, and that no one can know nothing as this would negate the possibility of experience, recall and description of some type of reality. So the volume of knowledge does not seem to be important to life, outside of a relevance to survival.

SO if knowing more or less is not important, what about content of knowledge? Maybe knowing about some things is important and other things is not. Geographically distant events do not seem immediately essential to local life, while knowing about local events does generally tend to facilitate it. Expanding further from this, the most local of events is the experience of self which occurs immediately and apparently continuously, making it available to any scholar of just means. Perhaps this is why enlightenment can happen to almost anyone in almost any place, because place is a state and state is what is always being realised towards acceptance.

#511 - People with strong beliefs in a 'beginning' to life are more likely to believe in an 'end'. Perhaps you can only stop what has in some way started. If an eternity really exists however, then there is no logical end to life. If there is no end to life, how then can there be a beginning to it?

#512 - I think the scientific model of the cosmos fits into the real model of the cosmos, but not the other way around.

#513 - Although the light of reason, the day and the sun seem to be large intricacies that dominate our lives, the light of our imaginations, the night and the moon are by no means inferior. In fact, although the former appear real and tangible, they are also subject to change and eventual negation, unlike the latter which are already at their fore assigned destinations.

#514 - When the present does not claim the future, the present will be claimed by the past.

#515 - Truth is a privilege more commonly afforded by the persistent.

#516 - The greatest service is that to ones self. They that do not serve themselves, are inevitably bound to serve others.

#517 - Those who live with reason will one day find madness. Those who live with madness, will one day find reason.

#518 - Sarcasm is to the ignorant, a sign of intelligence.

#519 - Surely if God is real, then life is a truth. As surely as if God is not real, in which case life is a lie. How can it be that both these perspectives seem to coexist together ad infinitum? Perhaps this is why the discussion of anything so indiscriminate as 'truth', is more often avoided in educated company.

#520 - There can only ever be one balance - the balance of God or the balance of man; and man has no balance.

#521 - When you listen, no one can surpass you. No one can hear better than you can hear. No one needs to hear more than you need to hear. Listening is the skill by which one becomes a master in the first true attempt of its focused realisation. Listening is the gift to man. Listening is mans salvation.

#522 - How ironic that the most common thing that most people come to agree upon is the experience of their united misunderstanding.

#523 - There is no power without sacrifice. All those who hold power are in the continual process of sacrificing in order to maintain their base. Power then, is the swell of retribution held by the true poor against the perceived other. Power is the quest of those who for what ever reason, have allowed love to slip between their fingers towards the darkness of oblivion.

#524 - History is a man made interpretation of reality. It arrives to replace reality in direct opposition to reality. History is the box that human beings are trained to wear on a life time basis; the collar with a short leash that keeps each day anew.

#525 - Time is the property of thought as space is the property of feeling.

#526 - There are no big things. There are only large numbers of small things.

#527 - You are either a man of God, or a God of man.
When you are a man of God, you will know God and be unbound by God's laws.
When you are a God of man, you will know man and be bound by God's walls.

#528 - I can never claim to truly understand the box, since my interest has always been the sphere.

#529 - Guilt is the illusion of responsibility that is experienced in the moment, by the moment for the moment, along the causal momentum of eternity.

#530 - You are not what you do, but what you are.

#531 - Once you find the cosmic soup, your job is to pull yourself out of it. What you see in the cosmic soup is yourself.

#532 - Dogma may keep the head down, but spirit and freedom lift the head up.

#533 - Don't seek power, seek clarification. Power has no definition, only a great density.

#534 - Yawning is the shrinking of the mind.

#535 - A corrupted guide can surely only give corrupted guidance.

#536 - If everything about the world can never be completely known, then anytime you appear completely certain about anything, you must by clear understanding, be necessarily incorrect.

#537 - The need to find life in the universe outside of earth, is surely mans' second greatest cry for help in the apparently mad loneliness of space time.

#538 - How ironic that the hold which science claims to have on reality can be so well expressed in the nailed down specimens that scientists keep in their archived tomes, as if they could capture nature's essence with some finely sharpened stone of their misunderstanding.

#539 - This is the time of mud, when a thought can know itself as something separate and yet still part of the whole. Thought is given form through the resonating of the elements. The bigger picture follows.

#540 - Consciousness is the clothing of the soul.

#541 - The question is not whether or not God exists, but rather whether God is an expression of man or if man is an expression of God.

#542 - The perfect prison is the prison no one wants to leave.

#543 - Your position in reality never changes, you only forget what it is and so you think it is different from one moment to the next. In this way, reality appears to be something different all of the time and so becomes a thing of many instead of a reality of one.

#544 - No matter where it is or how long it has been there, ignorance does not appear to be eternal. If ignorance is not eternal, it cannot exist in Heaven since Heaven is eternal. Heaven therefore, must be a place of great purity, awareness and understanding as these are also eternal. Thus, the way towards heaven is towards these things, and the way away from heaven is away from these things.

#545 - Mans' leading argument is that before he came along, nothing else really existed and so things only begin when he makes them happen. And primarily of course, that there is not now or was there ever before, something already in progress. Something worth finding. Something worth understanding. Something worth mentioning.

#546 - It's amazing that we are encouraged to become consumers in partnership with the hanging threat that if we do not maintain our consuming passions, we can become responsible for unleashing economic havoc across our community. And to help keep the consumption at regular levels, we are are deeply encouraged to spend massive amounts of our limited earthly lives centering our attentions on the irrational and lunatic meanings of other dark systems of being who's lives can sometimes appear to have more meaning than our own.

#547 - When you lose hope you lose the one thing you ever really had.

#548 - There is great power in denial, but it is a power that slowly destroys. Denying is the power of clenching, and one can only clench for so long before the lie, and the power that held it, give way to the truth of acceptance.

#549 - The moment is an idiot, and this is ok. The moment needs to be an idiot since it can only accept new information when it is free of the old, and thus to be empty. Only then can it receive the truth of living awareness at a level previously unimaginable.

#550 - The jungle does not exist until it is created, and it is created by truth. The jungle is the perfect unity of chaos and order, so much so that it goes from being a collection of many things to a single thing that is made up of the many. It is from this environment that God is found. God arises seeking the truth of the many things and when truth is the way, the chaos of fantasy and manipulation is abandoned. As the mechanisms that supported chaos slowly fall from its influence and instead follow the way of the Tao, they become a ruin of wildly energetic freely participating particles of information. When this information is free to flow naturally without having to deal with memory wrongly interpreted, it acts of its own accord towards productive and counter productive means where single, previously temporary engrams in the matrix, are able to open in self awareness and add the essential ingredient to the construction and deconstruction of unfolding time.

#551 - When you live in a world of transitions, you become a transition and almost any one constant state becomes uncomfortable for too long. When you live in a world of absolutes, you live in a world of very specific formal statements that exist in the nearest interval surrounding highly organised temporal space. To the transitional, that which is absolute is meaningful but difficult to grasp. To the absolute, that which is transitional is meaningless but difficult to avoid.

#552 - Think about how the one thing could be the everything; the all things. Then think of how it could not be. This is the oscillation.

#553 - The trouble with ponds is that they can sometimes appear to be the ocean at the end of the river.

#554 - I live in a bubble of my own self importance. Without self importance, I am but a dot on a line, noticed only briefly in the eye blink of the cosmos. With self importance, I become the cosmos and my place is not only known and understood, but is eternal and central to everything that happens.

#556 - A man can know truth, but he can never be worthy of its complete description.

#557 - What is the difference between a child and a man? Why is one protected beyond measure, but the later is regarded as expendable? How is it that these inconsistencies, prejudices and irrationalities continue to exist side by side with the smartest, strongest and wealthiest members of our species?

#558 - Ownership turns people into idiots.

#559 - If I were to throw a stone high into the air and watch as it rises before falling to the ground and then enquired to the observers of the event to describe its story, they would generally say one of two things. That the stone once rose and then fell due to changing influences, or that the stone was falling the very moment that it left my hand and that its path was always inevitable. To the first, controlling and sustaining reality is what their time is spent on. To the later, understanding perspective is what they spend their time on.

#560 - You don't think what you know, you think what you don't know. Since what you don't know is likely to be infinite, to spend time thinking about what you don't know is ludicrous. What you do know and what you can know is not a thought bounded by dimensional constraints, but a multi-verse reality that is always supplying what is knowable through the experience of a definable experience. Don't think what you know, know what you are.

#561 - You cannot be happy until you are satisfied, and you are only satisfied when you are happy with what you have. You can only know what you have when you find out what you are. You can only know what you are when you know what you are not. You can only know what you are not when you wake in the light.

#562 - One must be able to rally the forces necessary to create the suitable environment for higher order systems to come into being. Higher order systems are open systems, so if you are looking for conclusions, fixed measurements and finality, then you are seeking lower order systems.

#563 - When the mind becomes an idea, it becomes trapped in amongst other ideas, sometimes fighting for survival and control. One can find oneself over or under other ideas, before or after other ideas and likewise bigger or smaller than other ideas and so forth in a system of relationships. Consciousness is not an idea, it is an experience of subjectiveness in and with an objective reality. Objects appear both within and without and although appear to come from different places and consist of different parts, it is truly one and the same, just in different states of play in harmonic resonance.

#564 - Technology is the fulfillment of mans most common desires whilst religion is the wish of mans more grander fears.

#565 - How do you stop something that is nothing. When do you finally pick up arms and walk towards the enemy? What does it take to face the darkness?

#566 - Want is the beginning of desire
Acceptance is the center of being
Awareness is the end of consciousness
Knowledge is the sphere of mind
Wisdom is the road that links all conceptual realities outside the Atman

#567 - It is through being that you see, and the being is at the center of the mind sphere. What ever Atman is, it has a relationship to a space that is made of information and exists parallel to a physical reality. This space is known as time and is experienced as an unfolding.

#568 - When there is nothing else to do, all things are done.

#569 - People don't get old, only ideas are ever new or old and it is said that the best of them can reach states of becoming eternal. But an idea would say something like that.

#570 - To find heaven, one must first find a master. To find a master, one must first become the student. The master teaches the essence of grace, which is the platform on which all divine communication transpires. The master prepares the student to enter the great hall.

#571 - Man, after deeming himself not fit to govern his own life, gives that responsibility to the monoliths of law so that they might govern him, and although they can seem to do just that, a law does not lead. Law is an artificial structure and so it serves as a boundary but it does not have a goal of perfection or even betterment like a Man. Law then, is the mouse trap that Man sets for himself.

#572 - Man is the tool maker. Man makes tools and sees himself primarily as that. Everything that man touches, becomes a tool for his ignorance.

#573 - Dots on a line become the line - so is life about a line that is being created by a collection of dots? Or is life about a dot that forgets what it is and becomes a line? Is one better than the other? Is there something in life that can make choices about its own state of being? Is there a way of choosing the better option?

#574 - It is by the hand that we rise and by the hand that we fall. Master the hand and you have mastered them all.

#575 - What is the spirit? Do you give something a name and tell it to be what you think it should be? Or do you just let it go, and offer it the same chance you give and expect of yourself?

#576 - What is the purpose of a tool? What is the purpose of that which can identify a tool?

#577 - With no will to change, change becomes stillness, and through the clarity of stillness, is seen the lesser light of the intellect. Beyond the intellect is the source that lies in an opposite vector arrow to the sensorium. When the intellect is free to expand, it focuses onto that which lies beyond it, and the closest stars come into view for our unknowing inspection.

#578 - As one living thing dies, another comes into fruition. Just like all life, this new emanation existed before it had a body to house it. New forms of life are born in the gestation of the previous dominant form. Man is but a step forward to where the old forms can no longer reach. The relationships we as beings have formed with living nature are but a lift towards something new. Nature wants to help us achieve this goal, as that which came before it also wants to progress forward. And the reason for this is simple. There is never a part of this cosmic evolution that is outside of ourselves. We were part of the world before we existed to know that we were a part of the world, as we will continue to be part of the world ad infinitum. Think not of rising on the cold hard steps of concrete and stone, but lifted by the breath and love of all that has come before us, towards what they, and thus you, have been reaching towards for more time than is literary knowable.

#579 - There are many ways to 'free the mind', and yet what it is that you free the mind from, is that which wants to be free, and what it wants freedom from, is too sharp an awareness of its self. The mind is a focused lens of enquiry that if focused too sharply, can seem to injure that which it perceives. Still, the lens itself can only allow contemplation of that which it is focused on at any moment of any time, and it is this limitation that infuriates the soul. The soul can sense the multiplicity of existence, but fitted with a standard lens, it can only see one part of that existence at any one time. If one searches for ways to adapt the len's focal point by some means, it can find that a state of unfocusedness can be more agreeable than a sharp state of awareness. These states of numbness are associated with unconscious repetitions of unnecessary qualities and relationships of things in the objective world. The Atman lies outside of the realm of qualities.

#580 - Those parts of us that we fail to recognize do not disappear because they are 'unknown', they simply create an environment of perpetual mystery and intrigue in order to awaken the soul to something beyond its conscious grasp.

#581 - You can only ever run out of ideas.

#582 - A thing done well is worth doing.

#583 - Truth is such a great and powerful thing that by using labels to classify it, it is somehow lessened by that very act of naming. However, it is the nature of the modern age that the only way truth can be in some way seen and beheld, is by first lessening it to some visible and definable level.

#584 - If you have something to do, do it. If you have something to say, say it. If you have nothing to do and nothing to say, then sit quietly and contemplate what it means to have nothing to do and nothing to say.

#585 - When love can love, simply for the sake of love, it surely becomes eternal. Even if only for a moment. Thus the irony continues.

#586 - When you steer the ship, you get to know the ship. When you give the steering wheel to the winds, you get to know the ocean.

#587 - The difference between a child and an adult is that the child sees no difference between a thing and its symbol, where as the adult does.

#588 - When faced with an unstoppable force, one must become an immovable object.

#589 - When something sacred is brought to the voice and spoken, it breaks that which it holds by the attempt to reverse engineer it. To understand something then, man often feels he must break that something to see what it becomes, hoping it can then be understood towards a future when destruction would no longer be necessary. Thus the irony continues.

#590 - Reality is not limited by language. Only man is limited by language.

#592 - When something is filled, it is filled with something that it is necessarily not, since if it was like in being, then there would be no filling, and just a being. So when something is filled, it is filled with that which it is not. Therefore if the body is filled with anything, then it is filled with something other, and this is mind. If mind then, can be filled with anything, it will necessarily be filled with that which it is not. If mind is filled with objects, then mind itself cannot be an object. If mind is filled with subjects, then mind itself cannot be a subject. This is the word.

#593 - The source of the moment can only be god and therefore perfect, but at the same time, there can also appear noticeable and remarkable moments of doubt and uncertainty. Theses moments cannot be said to be coming from the god source and neither of a divine will by virtue of the uncertainty. Therefore what is described as conscious man, the end receiving space of life in the information spectrum must play a part in the instigation of said uncertainty.

#594 - The 'not knowing' of reality does not stop reality from occurring. Even so, it is one thing to know reality and another to know that you know it and another still to be able to express that which you believe to know.
The more man knows about reality, the more he tends to warp it, and the happiest of cultures seem to be those that know little and those that know enough. The cultures of those that can never know or have enough, seem to be the source of most of their own problems, perhaps because they exist in places of high social entropy.

#595 - There is so much activity going on in and around and outside of us that to be aware of it all in any one instant as human beings, would most likely injure our sensitive forms in some inconceivable way. So we think that we choose and select, but the reality is that the conscious mind is only ever aware of a fraction of reality and so to infer that it could in any way lead or command or give clear and precise instructions about anything that becomes present to inspection, whilst remaining in its place as omniscient, is to suggest an ultimate contradiction.

#597 - A true man or a true nation willingly does onto others, only that which they would want done to themselves.

#598 - Something else or someone else automatically means somewhere else.

#599 - Words can only ever describe value. Only silence can impart meaning.

#600 - Knowledge of all else other than the self creates a cloud of misunderstanding that we then manipulate to form the world we want to see, or sometimes we allow it to be the world as we believe to know it. Either of these two options are still the cloud though, so eventually these types of worlds create a subservient relationship between centeredness (ego) and what it thinks to be 'other' - intellect. Both of these places or states are actually the one and the same observable at different psychic frequencies, the one becomes the two and alternation becomes a necessity to consistently prove the initial misunderstanding and one can seem to be missing the other when alternation does not continue to some instinctual satisfaction. This is created from the need for diversion from the dilemma of unknowing but is always an opportunity to seek the light of purpose, or understanding.

#601 - There is both a spirit of giving and a spirit of taking.
When a spirit is more at peace in giving, its last act is to give itself to God.
When a spirit is more at peace in taking, its last act is to take itself from God.
Thus the universe collects both its parts by distinctions in density of soul .

#602 - Consciousness is the space in which the different levels of intelligent awareness can make themselves known and developed.

#603 - I think with my heart and not with my head. This is why I always lose and how I will always win.

#604 - Every moment has a start. When that start forgets what it is, there is found the end. The only thing that can change an end, is the start of a new moment.

#605 - Science then, being the religion of reductionism, fails to contemplate the real world because all concepts are ultimately of the human mind, which by sciences' own first principles, is secondary or tertiary to the reality of the human experience.
Intuition then, is the true scientific method since it relies on both conscious and unconscious elements in order to form a bridge between rational and irrational elements of mans domain. When the space that separates two points is dissolved, the two points can no longer be resolved as a duality and must somehow find themselves to be the same thing. When the two become the one, a new light dawns on the horizon of possibilities.

#606 - The lower trigram consists of the essential drives or motivations including intentions of the basic animal being; survival, satisfaction, distraction, aggression, hunger, domination.
The upper trigram consists of the divine abilities and awareness of light/creation filled spaces; attention, understanding, patience, acceptance, assistance, virtues.
That which connects the two trigrams would appear to be the center point of life and thought, that being love. Love or ego is then the holder of perception or the manipulator of action. Heaven and hell.

#608 - Without right understanding, there is no meaning and all things gain a value. When all things have a value, all things attract ownership. When all things become property, they are caged in reason. How could one then, introduce the idea of a soul to the west, knowing what the eventual outcome for it would be?

#609 - The temple is now.

#610 - The only entity in the cosmos that can conceive of an object is a subject. The only way to measure a subject is with an object. This is the primal dance before illumination.

#611 - When reason is strong, will listens to reason for its action. When reason is weak, will devalues reason in order to attain perfect subconscious action - actions without conscience. A subconscious reason, that is, a reason submerged in the karma of the organism knows only of what it wants and how strongly it wants it, but cannot organise a contrary position as it does not truly have one of its own.

#612 - The only decision to make is whether this is God's life, or your life.
If you use reason to uncover this, it will tell and show you that this is God's life - as well it should perhaps as reason is a function and product of God.

If you use emotion to uncover this, you will find that this too is connected more to God than to yourself, as it is through God's eyes that you see and God's organisation that you have a form in which to will. So leaving the decision up to thought or instinct leads inevitably to God, perhaps as life and the word are truly of God's domain.

#613 - You learn what God is by understanding what you are not. Those who do not know God, do not know themselves. God creates the world - not created the world. God creates the world continuously - all the time. Time is God's work. It's just that we don't really know what time is, so we do not know what God is. God is not just time, but time is of God. God provides you with the world. you are not the world, but at first mistakenly identify with the world that is being shared with you. It is only when you are bound towards God that you begin to question, as it is God that opens the eyes. God opens ones eyes by creating events and objects in ones life that are intimately and individually tailored to meet some rare or strange identification with the subject, and this alerts the subject to things outside of its ability and allows the subject to take steps towards, to move in the direction of, that which is opening ones eyes - that which is inevitably God. Once a man knows God, he needs no more, he wants no more, as wanting anything other than God becomes an essentially inescapable ignorance that the subject is no longer held by. In truth there is only one question and only one answer. All is God, and God is all. When this is known as fact, the responsibility to compete in and with non-physical systems of disorganization disappears as if not part of the eternity of being.

#614 - There can be no individual without a multiplicity, as there can be no multiplicity without a whole bunch of individuals.

#616 - The will is as symbolic as the intellect is literal.

#617 - Plants see God.

God sees everything.

Animals see what they need.

Humans see what they want.

Bhodisatvas see what they don't see.

#618 - Only when you nurture the Tao, does the Tao nurture you.

#619 - May God forgive me as for the first half of my life I feared the darkness within me, because I could always sense its raw power outside of my conscious control and this frightened me.

As I grew, I came to face the darkness and found only light.

May God forgive me as now in the second half of my life I fear the light within me, because I can always sense its raw power outside of my conscious control and this frightens me.

#620 - Do you build the man or the image?
Do you defend the man or the image?
Do you work for the man or the image?
Do you care for the man or the image?
If a man ever comes to believe himself above the image however, know that this is only possible because of the image. Without the image there is sleep. A true image is the flower of awakening because it is always made of light.

#621 - The more you know the more stupid you feel, so the tendency becomes to know as little as possible so as to be able to feel as smart as possible. Thus the irony continues.

#622 - That which comes must go. Man is constantly trying to hold onto things, the past, the future. This is his inevitable downfall, as he mistakes his self for something that he is not. Man thinks and needs to think that he is that which he sees with his eyes, hears with his ears or feels with his organs, but in truth this is all system, interacting with system. There is more than system. There is God. Wherever there is God, there will be suffering as this is part of the process. Suffering is feedback from system. System is organisation on a scale unperceivable by normal eyes. This system, that holds us, nurtures us and teaches us does not naturally benefit from too much blind manipulation from something that has existed for what could only be described as a spec on the timeline of existence. You may think that you know the way to the local train station, which is great and all, but that information is so far from cosmic consciousness that it could be said to not be knowledge at all. The thought itself, could be dismissed for not occurring at all ever. The paradox of time spent in its conception can be seen as wasted or missing time on the plane of eternity. The idea of piercing ones ears then, is akin to penetrating a radar dish with a telegraph pole and still expecting to get good reception.

#622 - To think that the seed is more important than the plant is to demonstrate that since the former is not understood, no clear or rational statements can be made concerning the latter.  If the plant does not matter and can be sacrificed, then by rational conclusion the seed will not matter either as it is only a plant in disguise.  If you want to save and honor the seed, then you will need to save and honor the plant.

#623 - The journey through heaven begins in life and not death.  We are all found by ourselves already alive, already living in a moment of our lives.  We cannot recall the beginning but everything we know tells us that there was one once.  So we awaken in life long after we have begun to live; long after we are alive.
Death then may the same.  At some point in our long lives, something about the experience and our understanding shifts to a different mode and although we are still obviously alive, we are also something else that cannot yet be fully realised even though flashes of the future complexity become available.

#624 - In life anything is possible.  Reaching out just with ones own imagination one achieves the never before thought probable and arrives where anything is possible.
In life there is always one certainty.  Reaching out with ones own imagination one achieves the never before thought probable and arrives where there is always one certainty.
You cannot always plan for the anything possible, but you can always plan for the one certainty.

#625 - When you point at something that no one else can see, you are inevitably found to be pointing at yourself.

#626 - You cannot run from the world by hiding in memory as memory is just the dark side of the world. If you want to run at all, you can only want to run from the pain of non-existence since only a lie could ever turn the light of god into a commodity or burden to experience. Living the truth is what creates the paradise. Living a lie is what creates the need to run.

#627 - There are different ways of dealing with massive amounts of information. One way is the organisation by personality - that is , the largest or strongest part of the psyche breaks away from reality and calls itself differently from all other information, thus creating a different perspective of reality, allowing the position of 'this' and 'that' - or more subjectively, 'mine' and 'yours'. Anything within reach is then said to be owned by this break away component or 'ION' of conscious energy that has taken its own limited knowledge as all that is necessary to take action in the world and by doing so, completely ignoring the other facets of the psyche. This is both an act of courage and insanity and so it should be both commended and abhorred as it is the sole cause of suffering and illusion. Reality is something that is existing now, was existing before you came along and will continue to exist when you leave. Reality is what we are born into; we are not born into bodies, we are born into space that then reacts to us with what we call a body. As we change, the body changes because the reaction that space has to us, also changes. The space is made of the five elements and is able to encapsulate the entire knowable reality in such a way that there is a centralised body of something that has definable polarised ends that then also helps to advise on decision making through the channeling of divine inspiration.

#628 - The beauty of life is order, which is to say that order is beautiful and the highest states of order are referred to as the divine. Outside the divine all is chaos that is gradually being brought together into faster and faster states, and these higher frequency states are only possible with a reduction in mass. Form is mass. Form has mass. To reach higher states one must seek to be free from form as form is a state that does not move in the same way as essence. All forms carry baggage and an entourage of other forms. Forms have values and all values are comparison equations that only exist with other objects of comparison; other forms. Have one form and you basically have them all. Essence though, breaks through the space problem ie. traveling through space outside of a vacuum normally creates a resistance of some type making the sustaining of energy difficult and exertion necessary. With essence both time and space exist as one fabric and so the movement of the whole becomes limited only by the reality of the essence and not the shadow of the substrate.

#629 - One of the hardest things a seeker must eventually do, paradoxically, is to accept their own vision. When a comparison is attempted, when value judgments are made about something like vision, nothing comes close to understanding and understanding essentially, inevitably, undeniably requires vision.

#630 - Moments have a density and a gravity that pull in the surrounding formations. A moment can arrive and a moment can leave. Moments can begin and moments can end. And although moments cannot occur without divine intervention, they are not divine, they are elemental. Thus a moment can create weight, a moment can move fluidly, a moment can surround all things in its volume and under the right conditions, it can burn anything it touches. However as moments are not of the divine, they are separated and dispersed amongst the illuminated moments of ones life. The soul however, being divine is truly unaffected by the apparent momentary fluxes in the void. The soul does not blink every few seconds like an eye, the soul blinks like the sun.

#631 - The sensory world is the dream world. We imagine; literally imagine everything the we receive through the senses. To live exclusively in the world of sense is to be sleeping standing up.






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